Snapchat Might Be Planning To Support 3D Selfies

Most people know Snapchat as a social platform where users can easily share videos and images, which get deleted within seconds after opening. But the company is well underway to expand its reach, as they allegedly purchased a 3D selfie startup called Seene.

Snapchat and 3D Selfies?

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The primary question becomes what Snapchat would want with a 3D selfie startup all of a sudden. If these rumors are true, it seems logical they will implement the technology into their own offering. For a company already dealing with pictures on a daily basis, 3D features could go a long way.

Reports by TechCrunch seem to indicate the acquisition occurred several months ago. Snapchat allegedly purchased Seene earlier this year, although no details were provided as to how much money was involved in this purchase. The source did mention how the price was allegedly “on the low side.”

What Scene does is using smartphone camera technology to create a 3D representation of whatever it is pointed at. This can be a person, or an object, or anything in between. In the end, the user is presented with a still 3D photograph image, which can even move when the user tilts a phone or swipes with their finger.

Needless to say, this type of technology would be of great value to a platform like Snapchat. This company thrives on user interaction, which mostly takes place through images already. Moreover, users would be able to share some of their own creations with their friends and family, bringing, even more, attention to the platform.

It will be interesting to see how the social platform decides to integrate this 3D technology. That is, assuming the deal went through, as there is still no official confirmation. If true, however, it is not unlikely to think Snapchat will create a 3D selfie lens for later this year.

Source: Business Insider

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