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Top 5 Failed Technology Predictions of 2016

Throughout the years there have been many predictions related to the future of technology. While some of these concepts have come to fruition, most of them have missed the mark entirely. Experts had predicted a variety of different things for 2016, most of which ended up being completely wrong. #5 Technology Products Get Better With Age A rather unusual statement, as we live in a society where consumerism is reaching new …
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Top 5 Most Innovative Apps of 2016

There are thousands of millions of smartphones out there. The rise of Smartphones has shifted the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. Here is our selection of best apps from 2016. In the last years, the market for mobile applications has grown exponentially, with a huge selection of software to make our lives easier. It’s now even possible to say that there as many apps as there are colors …
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Bitcoin Breaks Past $900

For the first time in two years, more specifically since February of 2014, the price of cryptocurrency has surpassed a previous high of $800. The market capitalization is now sitting at $14 billion, and some users believe the uptrend will continue. The bear market that held back the Bitcoin price for approximately two years (from the start of 2014 to the last months of 2015) capitulated in 2016. The first cryptocurrency to …
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