SwitchDex, the New Decentralized Digital Exchange Makes Trading Simpler Than Ever

Cryptocurrency trading is taking root around the globe due to its ease of access and wide range of competing options available when it comes to platforms.

However, one thing many of these exchange platforms seldom avoid is overkill. In the quest to make more and more trading options available to the end user, exchanges are susceptible to making things more complex than an average trader can understand. Simplicity is, therefore, typically underrated in an exchange platform. 

Introducing SwitchDex- a Platform for Simplified Trading

SwitchDex is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that aims to offer a unique trading experience to the user that is simple, yet equally effective at maximizing users’ trading potential.

Influential billionaire and popular cryptocurrency personality John McAfee has been named as a leading advisor to the SwitchDex platform. McAfee is one of the pioneering influencers when it comes to cryptocurrencies and has influenced many successful projects in the industry and also commands a lot of respect in the trading community.

In addition to landing the world-renowned McAfee, the project also has Mate Tokey working as an advisor to the team. Tokey has considerable expertise and successful previous experience with crypto heavyweights such as Bitcoin.com and Bitcoinist. 

In addition to both these distinguished gentlemen, CCN Editor-in-Chief Simon Cocking has joined the project as an advisor, completing a solid and accomplished advisory team.

Switching Rather than Trading

The SwitchDex platform promises a new swapping mode that allows instant switching between one digital asset to another in almost no time at all. The platform uses this switching capacity to make trading as simple and easy as humanly possible.

Among other features of the platforms include:

  • Over 100 tokens and 6 base pairs available for traders to choose from.
  • Decentralized system architecture so that there is a degree of consensus in decision making.
  • One of the lowest fees in the world i.e. around 0.2%. This can even be removed for lifetime use by paying a one-off amount. 
  • Platform’s profits are distributed among DESH token holders and SDEX token holders.
  • Over 50% of the profits are eventually airdropped to token holders.
  • The exchange is available and ready for trading purposes from around the world. 

The ESH Token 

In addition to the DESH and SDEX native tokens, SwitchDex has also introduced a new digital token called ESH. The token is now listed on the SwitchDex platform and users can hold it to receive passive income from the remaining profits of the Switch platforms. It is the ESH token that will eventually become a universally-traded token from the Switch platform.

The ESH token is being propelled further by SwitchDex promoters. It is already listed on Instant Bitex and DOBI exchanges. In addition to these first exchanges, Mercatox and IDEX have also agreed in principle to list the new token. Before long, Switch’s promoters hope to see the token listed in multiple exchanges around the world. 

For more information on how easy it is to use a decentralized exchange, visit the website:  https://switchdex.ag/

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article.