Someone Is Using Theymos’s Name to Sell BitcoinTalk Accounts on PasteCoin

Although cryptocurrency users like to complain about the Bitcointalk forum, it is still a very popular and powerful platform. A lot of interesting discussions regarding Bitcoin and various altcoins can be found there these days. Because of the popularity of this site, there’s also an increasing demand for older user accounts. They give users special privileges and opportunities to monetize their new accounts. Someone is using the name of Theymos to sell these accounts, although it is unclear who is behind this scheme.

Be Careful When Buying BitcoinTalk Accounts on Pastecoin

In theory, the buying and selling of Bitcointalk accounts is not against any rules. People are free to create an account, boost its rating, build a solid reputation, and then sell it to someone else entirely. When events like these transpire, there is usually a nice sum of money involved, depending on how “clean” the account is and when it was created. A “legendary” account, for example, will net you anywhere from US$250 all the way to several thousand US dollars. It is uncanny how much money people are willing to pay for such accounts these days.

Getting your hands on such an account can be rather difficult, though. A lot of people aren’t willing to part with their accounts, for obvious reasons. First and foremost, they are linked to their digital identities. There is no way to tell how a new account owner will treat one’s old account. In a fair few cases, recently purchased accounts have been used to scam people or conduct other forms of nefarious activity. It is not necessarily a good idea to sell your Bitcointalk account, especially if you attach any value to it.

For some reason, someone is selling “member” Bitcointalk accounts on Pastecoin right now under the name of Theymos, which is rather controversial. After all, Theymos is the administrator and owner of BitcoinTalk, along with some other Bitcoin-related platforms. If he were the one selling such accounts, there would be a lot of backlash to deal with. For now, it remains unclear who is using this name on PasteCoin, but that is of very little concern to most people.

It is evident there is some good money to be made with BitcoinTalk accounts not just by creating and selling them, but also by buying them for the purpose of participating in signature campaigns. A lot of projects and companies look for people to add a link or a message to their signature and make a certain number of posts every single week in exchange for a Bitcoin payment. Back when the Bitcoin price was a lot lower, it was relatively easy to make 0.05 BTC per week with just one account. Users who have a few dozen accounts can easily make a lot of money by spending their time on the Bitcointalk forums.

What is rather interesting is how this user is selling accounts with no negative reputation, no SMS blacklist, and an activity rating of between 60 and 80. This indicates the seller was cycling between these accounts on a rather regular basis to keep them all in good order. Ordinarily, interested parties are asked to make at least one proper constructive post before joining a signature campaign. This is the main reason why people want access to a higher-ranked account, as they can participate in signature campaigns which pay out a lot more money.

Whether or not it is the real Theymos who is selling these Bitcointalk accounts will always remain a mystery to most of us. There is no reason for him to be doing so, as he collected plenty of donations for the forum many years ago. At the same time, anyone using the Theymos name will automatically instill some degree of trust when selling digital products such as these. It is an interesting situation to keep an eye on, and an investment opportunity for those with lots of spare time on their hands.