Makes it Easier Than Ever to Own, Sell, and Buy Marine Assets Using Blockchain Tech Making it easier to participate in the maritime industry’

Owning ships and other types of marine assets has long been the realm of the well-to-do, often beyond the financial means of the average Joe. Thus, wishes to change this fact with their blockchain-based platform that tokenizes marine assets and services to make it both more convenient and cheaper.

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With the use of SHIP (Shipping Industry Participations) tokens, anyone and everyone will be given the ability to participate in any part of a capital structure backed by real-world maritime assets and services.

This basically means that instead of using traditional financing avenues often employed in the maritime industry — which often go through middlemen such as banks, rich debtors and alternative financial institutions — the more democratic financial ecosystem of cryptocurrency can be leveraged instead.

The platform’s token sale is slated to launch on March 7th, 2018 — where, presumably, most of SHIP tokens available for purchase will be sold off to willing buyers. According to’s press release,  the company has already secured commitments in excess of $200 million for marine assets and services with $14 billion of assets and services being the goal by 2023.’s General Mission

The task at hand, and the general mission of in general is to make it easier for more people to participate in the investment of the maritime industry.  At the same time, they want to give all potential investors the chance to diversify their holdings in the space and provide improved liquidity and a more equitable sharing of benefits.

According to the project’s leaders, It has the potential to trailblaze industry transformation towards greater accessibility, efficiency, rationality, and transparency in the flow and allocation of capital. intends on doing this with the help of blockchain innovation, creating embedded efficiencies inherent to all blockchain data structures. Some other typical features of the blockchain that will be highlighted include increased transparency — something that comes with the territory of being a public ledger.

Additionally, through asset tokenization diversification possibilities will seemingly increase without bound, because now people can buy and sell tokens that act as proof of ownership of ships without ever having to go through the cumbersome process of physically buying or selling ships or requiring permission from other participants.

Streamlining the buying and selling of maritime assets

For shipowners on the platform, monetizing their maritime assets will be a cut-and-dry process that will streamline the whole thing from top to bottom. After some initial backgrounds checks and having AI-based algorithms select specific assets to be bought based on proprietary risk-reward models — final terms are agreed upon by buyer and seller.

The assets are then transferred to a dedicated legal structure, tokenized and divided into fractions, at a low cost versus bank financing or capital markets. These fractions are then bought by’s platform participants using SHIPs. As soon as the sale of portions is completed, funds are transferred to the shipowner.

Easing the entry of non-crypto participants, the platform provides dedicated wallets which are unique to each participant. These wallets will be used to buy/sell within the platform and store SHIP tokens, in addition to other fractional assets and services. Meanwhile, the company is working on the next phase of its development – the online exchange.

This exchange is expected to begin testing in Q2 2018 and will facilitate direct, seamless transfer of one portion with another.

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