Shell Gas Station Houses First Bitcoin ATM In Norfolk

Whenever a new Bitcoin ATM is installed, there is a cause for celebration among the cryptocurrency community. Making Bitcoin more accessible is always a good thing, and the very first Bitcoin ATM in Norfolk, VA could not be placed at a better location.

Norfolk Bitcoin ATM At Shell Gas Station

TheMerkle_Bitcoin ATM Convenience Shell Gas Station

Most Bitcoin ATMs around the world are located in very similar areas, where there is a lot of foot traffic. Pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, and cash shops all seem to make for prominent location, yet gas stations are often overlooked. But that situation has come to change in Norfolk, VA, as the city’s first Bitcoin ATM can be found at a Shell gas station.

For anyone stopping by the Shell gas station on Tidewater Drive, it will be hard to miss the device. Rather than installing it outside of the shop – which would be a dumb idea, to be honest – the store owner decided to put the Bitcoin ATM inside the shop, next to the refrigerator filled with drinks.

This could turn out to be a very smart business decision, as a lot of people enter a gas station to buy a snack or cold beverage. Moreover, thanks to the slim and sleek design of this Bitcoin ATM, it will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention as it does stand out in between the refrigerator and shelves.

Moreover, this is one of the very few two-way Bitcoin ATMs in operation these days. Consumers can buy Bitcoin with cash, as well as sell BTC for fiat currency. Do keep in mind there is a buying fee between 5.5% and 6.5%, although there is no selling fee. All of the Bitcoin sold through this device will be sold at spot prices.

Interested users can access the Norfolk Bitcoin ATM every day, between 6 AM and 11 PM. There is free parking on the premises, which is only normal considering it is a Shell gas station. As far as daily limits go, users can buy or sell Bitcoin up to US$1,500 with SMS verification. The maximum limit us US$2,999 per day, which requires an additional government ID scan.

Source: Black Frog ATM

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