Samsung Experiments With Cryptocurrency for IoT

The Internet of Things and Blockchain have changed the way we do business and the way we live. Statistics show that its use will only be magnified in the coming years as the industry is rapidly growing. Samsung on its quest to provide the fastest path to secure, interoperable and intelligent IoT products and services is promising most of their devices to be IoT compatible by the 2020.

Exxor, a cryptocurrency fine-tuned to provide decentralized, efficient, secure and zero-fees machine to machine interactions in the IoT industry, will be a part of Samsung’s journey.

“It is currently an ongoing agreement and there are a lot of technical decisions to be made before we can launch at full scale. We have not yet implemented the technology to any Samsung’s devices yet, but we plan to do so in the next 6-12 months,” says Exxor CEO, Kelvin Rodgers.

In addition, Exxor is in negotiations with a few more London based companies who have already expressed interest in transforming their business with IoT solutions, and Exxor might be able to close the deal with some of these companies in upcoming months.

Exonic Ltd, a London-based company, embarked on a mission to contribute to the emerging IoT market, making Exxor a go-to solution for many businesses who will inevitably adopt IoT in upcoming years. EXX will be a crypto currency for its networks devices, and the best part is that it uses Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) instead of Blockchain technology allows which 0% transactions between devices on its network.

“Considering that M2M technologies have the capability to help us improve our world for the better, Exxor represents an important step forward on this quest as it caters to the shortcomings of the current system of digital currencies in the IoT platform,” concludes the CEO, reminding that Exxor’s pre-ICO starts on October 12th.

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