Salcido Enterprises LLC Expands Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Venture

Salcido Enterprises, LLC, a company venturing into the world of cryptocurrency mining,  has secured a long-term land lease, along with a long-term power contract with Douglas County Public Utility District, totaling 7.5MW. Providing Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency mining, along with data hosting services to both high-density conventional and crypto customers are the primary objectives of this new partnership.

Salcido Enterprises Becomes An Even Bigger Mining Competitor

By leveraging the vast amounts of affordable hydroelectric power available in North Central Washington, a competitive cryptocurrency mining location has been created. Salcido Enterprises, LLC, will offer their mining and data hosting services to national and international corporations, as well as non-profit organizations.

It is important to note this is not the first cryptocurrency mining venture for Salcido Enterprises. Their portfolio consists of cryptocurrency mining data space for a total of 11.5 MW or app. 115 Petahash available for customer use.  With the existing data spaces in Chelan County, Washington at full capacity, a new location has to be found to expand the company’s presence. Both of these earlier mentioned locations are filled with 4MW of industrial Bitcoin and Ethereum miners.

The current project, Pangborn Data Phase 1, secures 7.5MW of power in Douglas County, Washington. Moreover, this deal also includes a long-term land agreement with the Port of Douglas County. By allocating the bulk of this power to blockchain and bitcoin technologies, the future of Bitcoin mining is looking very bright. It is quite an exciting moment to announce this service, considering the Bitcoin halving occurred not too long ago.

Provisions for first rights to adjacent lots on Port of Douglas County property are also provided as a result of this long-term lease partnership. Salcido Enterprises is currently designing and planning future use cases for these lots. It seems safe to assume they will be used for additional mining hardware capacity, if this new endeavor proves to be successful.

Salcido Enterprises is not resting on its laurels now that this new partnership has been inked. Other lots are being finalized, and Salcido Enterprises expects to announce these additional project developments in the coming weeks.  From the information we have received, these projects will complement existing power contracts in Chelan County, Washington.

“North Central Washington provides the most affordable power in the United States, and some of the lowest cost power in the developed world. At Salcido Group, we are leveraging this inherent asset to further develop an emerging industry. Because of our diversification strategy, we are able to offer customers redundant, low-cost consistent power with the advantage of both property development and facilities management. This allows a variety of industries- from medical organizations, to educational institutions, to corporations, and bitcoin and blockchain technology pioneers- to build and expand their businesses in an incremental, secure, redundant, and affordable way,” explained Salcido Enterprises Managing Member Malachi Salcido.  “The heart of our long-term business strategy is this: we provide land, power, and connectivity for incremental data space solutions at a fraction of the capital cost of conventional data space options currently on the market.  Our business slogan summarizes our position best; we are ‘Data Outside the Box’!”

Interest parties can now establish a pre-sale agreement with Salcido Enterprises, whom will provide customers with immediate high-density redundant power and real estate needs. More information can be found at

This announcement comes on the heels of John McAfee‘s new venture targeting the Washington area for their new Bitcoin mining data center. Hydroelectric power seems to be the way forward for Bitcoin mining, as it can help suppress operational costs by quite a margin.

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