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Safinus Platform To Unite Cryptomarket Beginners and Experienced Investors on a Unified Platform

Uniting Beginners and Experts

The crypto market offers one of the most exciting opportunities for investors. However, getting acquainted with this market is often not as straightforward as its fiat-based counterpart is. Safinus is on a mission to bridge this divide.

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Envisaged as an all-encompassing crypto and token sales portfolio management, Safinus is bringing cryptocurrency investment and portfolio management to beginners and professional traders alike through its unique protocols. The protocol enables contributors to profit from professionally managed portfolios, earning profit commensurate to their investment on the platform.  

Crypto trading beginners no longer have to jump through hoops looking for educational resources on what to trade, how to trade them, and where to trade. They no longer have to fear becoming the victim of the scammers or opportunists through Safinus’ secure platform that simplifies investment opportunities into just a few clicks.

Safinus Caters to The Needs of All users

Users on the platform can leverage its crypto equivalent of traditional stock market technical analysis to analyze and rate portfolio performances before subscribing. They will also be able to use these tools to create their own portfolio for the community.

Safinus will facilitate the automation of certain operations on the platform in order to expedite traders’ response to market changes, greatly simplifying their actions. Apart from simplifying crypto market opportunities, the platform will also host its own crypto exchange, enabling users to seamlessly convert from one crypto to the other on a single platform. This feature has been designed to improve the efficiency and maximize users’ experience on the platform, catering to all their needs.

Safinus proprietary APIs allows external exchanges to connect to the platform so that traders can execute various orders across multiple exchanges on a universal interface.

Powered by SAF Token

SAF token is the powerful utility token that drives all transactions on the system. The token not only serves as the defacto currency for paying for all services on the ecosystem, but also provide holders with dividends generated from trading action on the platform.

To further platform development, Safinus has announced its Token Generation Event. Hard Capped at $16,000,000 USD with one SAF token going for $1, the event will start on May 2, 2018 and close on June 2, 2018 – or when the Hard Cap is reached. All contributions to the event will be rewarded as follows:

  • Days 1 – 3: 1 SAF = 0,8 USD (20% discount)
  • Days 4 – 14: 1 SAF = 0,9 USD (10% discount)
  • Days 15 – 31:  1 SAF = 1 USD (0% discount)

The team is also proud to announce that it will be making its platform MVP publicly available for contributors to try out its pilot features. Users will be able to put the product through its pace as they create and asset demo portfolios.

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