RRMine Review: Efficient Hashrate Asset Management and Proactive Approach to the Bitcoin Halving

Bitcoin mining is a business model that has seen ample innovation over the years. Service providers such as RRMine aim to make this option as appealing as possible. Its core strengths include unprecedented transparency and convenient solutions.

Who is RRMine Exactly?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts not familiar with Bitcoin mining may not be aware of the many different companies in this space. RRMine positions itself as the leading hashrate management and trading platform for traditional investors actively seeking exposure to the cryptocurrency industry.. Their goal is to provide transparent hashrate management, hashrate delivery, and hashrate trading. 

RRMine has been able to take this market by storm. Its business is prevalent in various Asian countries – including China, Japan, and Singapore – as well as the US and Europe. Their attractive business model and unprecedented transparency will give the team an option to expand even further in the future. 

The Benefits of Using RRMine

Several aspects set RRMine apart from other companies active in the world of hashrate asset management. By looking at the website and its products offered, it quickly becomes apparent that the company’s customers are the top priority at all times.

Contracts provided by RRMine are completely transparent. That measure is very important, as the way the contracts are designed introduces more volatility in terms of electricity and mining rig costs. Bigger operations can reduce their risk, which is beneficial for traditional investors. 

First of all, the contracts are refundable, renewable and transferable, giving customers the option as to what they want to do next. Being able to keep the contract and collect daily BTC payouts leads to passive revenue. A second option is to transfer it to a different miner to get one’s money back. The third option is to simply let the contract run out and make it refundable after the lock-up period has expired. 

A second core aspect of the RRMine contracts is how they offer complete transparency regarding revenue. Its mining plans allow users to earn high earnings and predict their potential income well ahead of time. For traditional investors, this makes it very easy to estimate fiat currency returns before making an investment.

In terms of the hashrate aspect, RRMine sources hashrate from large-scale solid mines of globally distributed computing power suppliers. Over 100,000 mining machines are capable of providing thousands of PH/s to Bitcoin mining. 

Last but not least, RRMine has a mobile application. Not only can it be used to monitor one’s contract and earnings, but it also encourages clients to get started with their hashrate asset management. 

For users looking to minimize input and risks while still earning passive revenue, RRMine’s contracts check all of the right boxes. The stable profits every day and the option to resell a contract after its duration ended gives users customization options as to how they want to move forward. Other service providers do not give users this level of control over their mining contracts. 

Preparing for the Bitcoin Halving

Engaging in the activity of mining Bitcoin also means one needs to prepare for the block reward halvings. One such reward halving is coming up later in 2020. The RRMine team has taken the necessary precautions to protect its business and clients. 

RRMine Global CEO Tsou Yung-Cheng expects that the Bitcoin production will not see a sharp reduction, at least for those who started mining before March 2020 and survived the short-term bear market in that period.

RRMine began its operations in 2017 and has seen ample market changes ever since. There have been multiple Bitcoin price swings in both directions. None of those changes have disrupted the company’s operations in any way. Instead, the team has made necessary changes to take advantage of these developments.

One core aspect is the hashrate cost advantage, which is well below the market average level. Combined with financial risk control, and the diversified hashrate derivative products, RRMine is positioned well to handle the upcoming block reward halving. 

Personal Opinion on RRMine

When looking at the future of Bitcoin mining from a non-miner perspective, it is evident that preparations need to be made sooner rather than later. RRMine has taken the smart approach by focusing on the upcoming Bitcoin reward halving well ahead of the schedule. Moreover, it seems as if the company’s preparations will also help them get through the coronavirus crisis without any issues.

If more companies took such a proactive approach to important developments affecting Bitcoin mining, the landscape could look very differently. Unfortunately, many of the competitors maintain a completely different business model – sometimes at the expense of their customers – or take action far too late.

RRmine gives users every single opportunity to make a profit during their Bitcoin mining venture. That aspect alone is invaluable. and elevates the company above the other service providers in this space. Upholding the core values of the business during important times like these further confirms the commitment by RRmine to give their customers the best possible experience. 

It is this approach that has allowed the company to achieve over 100,000 users. Even during bearish market conditions, RRMine has never been forced to shut down operations. 

There is also the company’s product diversity to take note of. Different products are created to the needs of different users. Not only are there different contract terms, but there is also the BTC High Volatile10T Plan, as well as hedging services. For traditional investors, this gives them many different options to explore when it comes to Bitcoin.