Roobee Investment Service Instantly Closed Its First IEO Private Round With a $1 Million Transaction From a Second Crypto Whale

Another big Bitcoin whale from Asia has entered Roobee, the investment service powered by blockchain, with a fortune estimated at over 7,000 BTC. According to the press service of the project, the received investment closed the first round of private sales seconds after it has started prior to the IEO on one of the largest Korean exchanges.

The investor is said to be a Bitcoin millionaire from among the top 250 Bitcoin holders. The $1 million (200 BTC) transaction was sent by him via a transit wallet to Roobee’s wallet with the message “In Roobee I Trust”.

The anonymous benefactor is known for a series of large early investments in Korean projects. In particular, the investor had purchased Binance exchange tokens immediately after they were offered for public sale:

“I bought Binance tokens in the first months after market entry. Recently, the price of their token has reached its historical maximum, although crypto market in general has fallen more than 5 times from its peak capitalization. I see the same potential in Roobee that I saw in Binance at the time”.

Roobee, which operates in a fast-growing trillion-dollar market, has previously attracted big whales. At the end of 2018, on the pre-seed round the project received $4.5 million from the investor, an interview with which Bloomberg posted after he earned more than $200 million with cryptocurrency.

The service attracted the attention of large investors due to its unique philosophy – it helps other users to become investors even if they don’t have enough experience. The service developed on the basis of blockchain and AI is expected to give millions of ordinary people around the world the opportunity to invest from $10 in those investment products that only large institutional players, foundations and people with large capital have access to. In 2018, Roobee conducted a series of successful tests, during which more than $15 million passed through the system.

According to the bitcoin whale who invested $1 million in this solution, the fall in the market had a positive effect on the quality of the decisions, leaving only competitive projects in the industry. He also predicts that the current positive market shift can lead to an increase in the price of Bitcoin to $50,000 in the near two years:

“The cryptocurrency market, as compared with the stock market, is still in an emerging stage. The first investments in cryptocurrency of large investment funds, advances in the regulation and legalization, increasing number of real blockchain implementations, large business on the one hand and active financial development and the constant increase in the impact on the world of generation Z with their love for digital products and the reluctance to be tightly controlled on the other hand, create favorable conditions for the most powerful development of the cryptocurrency market in the next 3-5 years, in which Bitcoin at $ 50,000 will no longer be something supernatural.”