Roger Ver Virtually Dismisses the Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis is a global pandemic and swiftly approaches 1 million confirmed cases worldwide. Some people still dismiss this threat, including Roger Ver.

Not everyone in the cryptocurrency space thinks the coronavirus is worth all of the media attention.

Roger Ver Isn’t Worried About the Coronavirus

Roger Ver, the promoter of Bitcoin Cash – which is not the real Bitcoin – is one of these people dismissing it as a fad.

More specifically, he recently posted a Tweet that did not go over well with a lot of people.

It would appear that Roger Ver isn’t a fan of self-isolating to prevent the coronavirus from spreading further.

He also claims how the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 appear to be statistically insignificant.

It is true that other incidents and diseases cause many more deaths around the globe.

Especially the reference to the seasonal flu and malaria is something that is referred to often on social media.

That said, the coronavirus is not something to mess with either, at least not until a vaccine is available.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at all times.

However, the statement by Roger Ver is off-kilter, even under the best of circumstances.

Every virus is different, and caution is more than warranted.

The numbers will undoubtedly look very different in a month or two from now.