Roger Ver Issues Debate Challenge to Bernie Sanders, Says He Will Donate $100,000 in Bitcoin to Charities

Roger Ver, angel investor in bitcoin and owner of, has issued a debate challenge to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a recent video posted on Adam Kokesh’s YouTube channel.

Ver’s challenge was posted in a response to a facebook video made by the Occupy Democrats political organization, which shows Bernie Sanders scolding the wealthy for not paying their “fair share” of taxes and renouncing their US citizenships.

In the challenge video, Roger Ver stated that he will donate $100,000 equivalent in bitcoin, if Bernie Sanders would agree to a 3-hour debate with talk show host Adam Kokesh. Ver promised to split the $100,000 donation in two $50,000 chunks, which will be donated to non-governmental charities to be chosen by both participants.

One of Ver’s main gripes with Sanders’ rhetoric was about the blind patriotism that the presidential candidate appealed to in the Occupy Democrats video. Ver said that “patriotism is just as disgusting as racism”, and questioned the notion itself, “Why should anyone care more about one group of human beings than another, simply by the happenstance of their place of birth? ” asked Ver.

While he agreed with Sanders on his outrage over sending young people to fight in wars overseas, Ver called on the wealthy to stop paying taxes in order to choke-off funding for these unnecessary wars.

Ver declared:

“In fact, I would argue that war is simply mass-murder, funded by theft”

Ver ended his controversial video challenge by saying that the funds for the debate will come from all the money he saved as a result of renouncing his US citizenship.


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