RockItCoin Deployed Four New Bitcoin ATMs In August of 2016

RockitCoin is working hard to become a market leader in the Bitcoin ATM world. Albeit the company has deployed several machines throughout the United States already, they recently added another four ATMs to the list. This seems to integrate a growing demand to buy Bitcoin with cash in a convenient manner.

Four More Bitcoin ATMs For RockItCoin

When it comes to deploying additional Bitcoin ATMs, there are several factors to take into account. First and foremost, there is the question of whether or not other devices are active in the region. In most major US cities, the answer will be “yes, there is competition”. But on the other hand, competition is good as it benefits the customer in the end.

Secondly, companies such as RockItCoin need to target multiple areas to expand their ATM network. In their latest update, the four new Bitcoin ATMs were installed in different cities and states, which is good news. It is interesting to note two of the four devices were installed in Chicago, which is becoming one of the largest Bitcoin ATM hubs in the world right now.

Unfortunately, only one device will be accessible on a 24/7 basis. The Bitcoin ATM located at Chevron in Jonesboro, Georgia, can be accessed every moment of the day. None of the other installed devices during the month of August offers this functionality, although that situation may come to change in the future.

So far, RockItCoin has installed a total of fourteen Bitcoin ATMs throughout the United States. That is quite a significant number, and it goes to show the company’s desire to establish their own Bitcoin ATM network over the coming years. Although the majority of devices are located in the state of Illinois, RockItCoin is expanding to other states as well.

According to the statistics provided by CoinATMRadar, there are now 772 Bitcoin ATMs in operation around the world. More than half – 408, to be precise – of these devices are located in the United States. Competition in that part of the world has been heating up over the past few months, and there are still plenty of locations left to explore.

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