Rocket Pool and ApeCoin Holders Join the Pomerdoge Presale In Search Of Moon Bags

Rocket Pool and Lido are escalating over the decentralization of their protocol. ApeCoin has seen a long downward phase in price action, down 12% in seven days, but the Pomerdoge presale has just started and offers the potential for immense gains along the way.

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Rocket Pool and Lido clash

Most Web3 projects use decentralized token-based governance or multi-signature wallets when dealing with administrative permissions. An EOA is defined as a simple wallet only controlled by a single entity and was chosen to enable fast responses to potential security issues. Now, Lido Finance, the biggest Ethereum staking pool, is coming after Rocket Pool for not being decentralized enough.

Lido faces criticism for its control over the majority of staked Ether, and the Rocket Pool community sees Lido threatened by the growing market share of Rocket Pool. Lido controls over 35% of the network’s staked ETH, while Rocket Pool controls just 3%. According to Vitalik Buterin, “no single staking pool should control more than 15% of the network’s validators”.

Rocket Pool also has an Oracle DAO, which is a group of nodes with the specific task of providing real-time prices. The community is currently introducing a proposal that would make incentive payouts for oDAO members’ compensation inactive.

Rocket Pool is now developing the Saturn upgrade, and while it has not released what it will include, recent discussions indicate Rocket Pool might introduce token-based voting using a quadratic system. The community seems to be considering integration with zero-knowledge-powered oracles in the upgrade.

ApeCoin is down due to a lack of utility

ApeCoin is the native token that powers the ApeCoin ecosystem, mainly incorporating the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT collections. ApeCoin’s price is down over 90% from its ATH, and the native token APE currently shows no signs of recovery.

The next potential demand zone for ApeCoin would be seen around $1 as it presents a psychologically significant level, but the bearish momentum indicates a further downtrend movement. ApeCoin depends solely on the NFT market and saw their NFTs’ floor price drop over 50% with the overall NFT market experiencing a general downturn. An additional catalyst for the price drop may have been the lawsuit against Zagabond, the Azuki founder.

Pomerdoge lets you fight with memes

Pomerdoge is totally new to the markets and brings something that ApeCoin doesn’t – Memes in a game that promises to be full of excitement and earning potential. By connecting players across the world, Pomerdoge will allow personal interaction while earning in a fun and competitive environment.

Pomerdoge was audited by Interfi Network, and the liquidity lock for life ensures investor safety. With the creation of a collection of 7,777 NFTs, Pomerdoge will give early investors additional incentives as these NFTs will only be available to presale buyers.

The growth potential for Pomerdoge is enormous, and traders are looking closely at this unique opportunity. POMD, the native token of the ecosystem, offers a total supply of 1,777,777,777 tokens and is currently available in presale stage 1 at $0.007, offering the chance for a 100x or more.

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