Begins Offering Cryptocurrency Rewards

Cryptocurrencies are slowly making inroads in various areas of finance. So far, there has been little to no progress in regards to loyalty schemes or bonus point offerings. is looking to shake things up by offering Dash support to its customers. As such, users can earn rewards for making retail purchases in the form of cryptocurrency.

A Feather in the cap of Dash

It is evident getting people interested in cryptocurrencies will not be easy by any means. To most people, this new form of money offers no real improvements. Even so, things will gradually improve from here on out, as there has been an increase in overall cryptocurrency awareness. 

The latest news from may shed some more positive light on the cryptocurrency industry. While the company isn’t looking to integrate Bitcoin or any of the other top established coins, they are incorporating Dash support in a meaningful manner. First of all, the company has announced they will change their rewards system by letting users earn rewards in Dash, which should introduce some improvements over time.

Secondly, it seems the platform is leaning toward fully integrating cryptocurrency in the near future. Whether or not that will result in positive changes for the Dash ecosystem remains to be seen. Obtaining various cryptocurrencies – especially those with smaller market caps – will remain challenging for most consumers. Even so, any positive attention for cryptocurrencies is considered a victory these days.’s co-founder and CEO, Todd Rowan, explained the company’s decision:

The remarkable aspect of this partnership is we are introducing people to cryptocurrency in a nonthreatening way. Let’s say you shop at Macy’s, Groupon, or – you can earn a portion of their total purchase in cryptocurrency. The program works just like any points program. You can keep your rewards in the ecosystem just like you would with any type of reward point or redeem it for products, travel, restaurants, or gift cards. The earnings from will help you to start to learn about how to use cryptocurrency, including trading it on the market for Bitcoin or [other] cryptocurrencies. takes us one step closer to global mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Given the major presence of in the US retail sector, it will be interesting to see how both retailers and consumers respond to this development. It seems users will need to enable the Dash option manually, and thus the rate of acceptance may not be all that impressive when looking at the bigger picture. Even so, it is another feather in the cap of the cryptocurrency industry and a positive change for the Dash ecosystem.