Dash Price Retakes $330 Again As Market Bears Take the day off

Now that most of the cryptocurrency markets are on the rise again, it will be interesting to see what comes next. For the time being, it seems holding on to these temporary gains may prove to be rather difficult. For the Dash price, things are still going exactly as planned. With the value back over $330, interesting things may be on the horizon.

The Dash Price Momentum is Solidifying

Similar to most other cryptocurrencies over the past few weeks, Dash has not seen the greatest of runs by any means. This is not entirely surprising by any means, as the cryptocurrency markets all suffer from a  lot of negative momentum as of right now. Turning this trend around will prove to be rather difficult, but anything is possible in the world of cryptocurrency.

For the Dash price, it seems things are finally turning around, by the look of things.More specifically, the Dash price is back over $330, which is somewhat unexpected at this point in time. Even though all of the markets are seemingly in the green as of right now,it appears these current upward swings may not last all that long. It is evident the bearish pressure is still looming overhead, even though there will be a positive uptrend at some point in the future.

Thanks to this solid 9.9% gain in the past 24 hours, things are certainly improving in the world of cryptocurrency. For the Dash price, this gain is more than welcome, as the price fell from $1,500 in late 2017. Even so, this near 10% gain still means there is a lot of work to be done until the Dash price is effectively heading back in the right direction.

As one would expect, this uptrend has certainly helped the Dash trading volume improve over the past 24 hours. Although $83.231m in not necessarily impressive by any means, it goes to show there is an increase in trading cryptocurrency once again. For Dash, this lower volume appears to be more than sufficient to keep the momentum going right now, although that trend may run out of steam in the near future.

Surprisingly enough, Huobi appears to be the top exchange for Dash trading as of right now. It has a small lead over HitBTC, which is well ahead of Binance. There is no fiat currency market in the top five for Dash, although there is one USDT pair people may want to keep an eye on moving forward. Dash does have 18 trading pairs bringing in over $1m worth of trading volume, which is not all that bad.

How the Dash price will evolve in the next few hours, is very difficult to predict. As of right now, there is still a lot of work to be done until things can effectively improve. Finding stability is the number one priority for virtually all cryptocurrencies right now, albeit that is much easier said than done. If the Dash price can stabilize around $330,  April may prove to be a positive month after all.