Law Enforcement Is Powerless Against The Deep Web

Both ransomware and malware are two significant threats to computer users all over the world these days. Most of the threats originate from the deep web, but Hong Kong authorities have admitted they have no legal basis to do anything about this threat.

There Is No Stopping The Deep Web Threat

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As illegal as the deep web may be – or at last some of the activities taking place there – hardly anything can be done about this menace for now. Hong Kong law enforcement authorities have received over a dozen reports about ransomware attacks, ranging from SMEs to non-governmental organisations. Most of these attacks originate from software sold on deep web marketplaces.

However, regulation the illegal activity on this hidden part of the World Wide Web is all but impossible these days. Most of these activities are taking place outside of local jurisdictions, and law enforcement officials are powerless for the time being. The only way businesses and individual users can protect themselves from these looming threats is by ensuring there is a backup of important files, preferably by using a device not connected to the Internet.

Charles Mok, an IT Lawmaker in Hong Kong, told the media:

“It’s something that exists unless you completely cut yourself off from the internet. It’s impossible to shut it down. The government has always been late in understanding the problems. I don’t think there is anything to worry about. There is no way to stop the dark web, and it has its value for different people. It will be there forever. You can shut down some of the drug dealing sites like Silk Road and then Silk Road 2.0 is out.”

Despite this powerless feeling, it would not be the first time law enforcement officials take matters into their own hands to spread malware and shut down these platforms. Not too long ago, a deep web marketplace was shut down by law enforcement after they spread malware through the platform, exposing user’s IP addresses and locations.

At the same time, that type of activity requires approval from a judge or magistrate, and every country has its own set of rules. Moreover, operating outside one’s jurisdiction forces law enforcement officials to work together with other countries, a process that has not always been easy for most governments.

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