QuikNode Announces New Developments on Their Ethereum Node Project

QuikNode represents an interesting project, allowing developers throughout the world to run their own nodes, without needing to purchase additional equipment and invest time in maintenance. Recently, the team behind QuikNode has been busy developing and implementing more features, meant to further improve user experience on the platform.

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At this moment in time, the platform doesn’t only provide an express lane to the Ethereum blockchain network, it also allows developers to build their very own apps on top of the platform. Development is facilitated via QNodes, which can be used to both read data from the blockchain and send transactions to it. It is important to point out the fact that QuikNode also offers secure http and web sockets for endpoints that provide web3 access via the RPC API. This has led to the platform receiving more and more reputable clients, such as Gimmer.net, Expanse.tech, PrimaBlock.com, and also EtherAddressLookup, a popular Google Chrome plugin with over 100k users.

In an effort to further expand the capability of the platform, users have received an update. Nodes can now be launched in a total of 8 global locations, on 7 chains (MainNet, Kovan, Ropsten, Classic, Morden, Expanse,Rinkeby) and 2 clients (Parity or Geth). They also have double the capacity since the project’s inception. Users have more choice, while the additional resources mean Nodes will maintain a larger number of peers and be in constant sync with the latest block on the network.

Leaving aside the existing features, the team behind QuikNode is also working on a ‘Pro’ product, currently in beta testing. Following its launch, it will be a globally-balanced, auto-scaling, highly-available ETH node platform, aimed at enterprises and businesses operating on the network, which require unlimited scaling features. With this in mind, the system will be able to handle, for instance, 10,000 requests today and 100,000 requests the next, without delays.

Based on this aspect, customers will no longer need to worry about their ETH node infrastructure, but rather focus their attention entirely on business operations. The new platform will also be ideal for exchanges, which often send hundreds of thousands of transaction requests on a daily basis.

In a recent press statement, Dmitry, the co-founder of QuikNode mentioned that: “One of the biggest problems developers of large-scale ETH applications are facing is maintaining node infrastructure; keeping their nodes in-sync, with sufficient peers, and scaling to handle their load. Our Pro product aims to solve that by delegating ETH node duties to QuikNode.”

Apart from this, the team behind QuikNode has also debut QWallet.io, which is an Ethereum address search engine, allowing anyone to look for a particular address and see all corresponding ERC20 tokens, in USD/EUR/JPY/KRW/BTC value, hence a great tool for investors with diversified portfolios. As data is pulled in real time from the ETH blockchain, QuikNode Pro will serve as the back-end, hence providing instant results.

For more information about QuikNode and their new features, feel free to check out the website.