Precious Metals Dealer JM Bullion Starts Accepting Bitcoin

JM Bullion, a Dallas-based online retailer of precious metals, has partnered with digital currency payment platform BitPay, to start accepting bitcoin payments for all their products. The announcement was made in a post on Bitpay’s blog by James Walpole, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Bitpay.

Walpole writes:

“The company chose to accept bitcoin to provide greater choice to purchasers checking out online.”

Walpole also said that JM Bullion customers will be able to sidestep the risk of CC fraud by paying in bitcoin due to the irreversible nature of digital currency payments.

Customers who pay in bitcoin will also enjoy a 4% discount over credit/debit card orders, as well as a $10,000 order maximum limit, which is $5000 higher than CC orders. Bitcoin orders are subject to a $100 minimum threshold.

“By sidestepping these fees, JM Bullion’s bitcoin customers will be getting the same 4% discount offered to customers paying with bank transfers or paper checks – without the hassle of transacting offline.“

According to information on the JM Bullion site, bitcoin-paying customers will also have the added option of having their order shipping to any address of their choosing, unlike CC orders, where the billing and shipping addresses must match.

JM Bullion also stresses on their site that all bitcoin orders are converted to dollars upon receipt.

“All bitcoin payments are instantly converted to dollars. Any refunds will be in bitcoin at the USD rate at the time of the transaction.”


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