How to Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin enthusiasts will be aware of how Bitcoin Pizza Day is almost upon us. Until this year, there was only one way to celebrate this unofficial holiday: order a pizza, pay with Bitcoin, and enjoy. This year, however, we will also see Bitcoin Cash Pizza Day. It is a bit more difficult to find merchants accepting BCH, but that is where the BCHPizza website will prove to be a valuable resource.

BCHPizza is an Interesting Project

Even though people all over the world have celebrated Bitcoin Pizza Day for many years now, it is not necessarily easy to find merchants that accept Bitcoin payments these days. The world’s leading cryptocurrency has lost a fair amount of appeal in this regard, but it is still possible to use websites such as for this purpose.

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with Bitcoin Cash, the situation becomes a bit more complicated. Thankfully, a dedicated directory has been created to keep track of places accepting Bitcoin Cash payments in exchange for pizza.

There is also an incentive offered by the platform. Anyone can post a Bitcoin Cash bounty to get a certain pizza shop in a particular city to accept BCH as payment. As soon as the location officially enables BCH payments, the individual responsible can claim the bounty. Getting such businesses to stick with Bitcoin Cash will be rather challenging, as Bitcoin has seen similar struggles in this regard. Even so, it is an interesting initiative which will certainly be appreciated by community members.

So far, the website lists various locations throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Central and South America, and elsewhere. It is evident that a lot of businesses are rather interested in supporting Bitcoin Cash payments, although those locations are rather spread out, especially in Europe. There is a surprising number of businesses in Venezuela, Mexico, and Israel which will sell you pizza in exchange for Bitcoin Cash.

All of this goes to show that acceptance of Bitcoin Cash is growing steadily. Although buying pizzas with BCH is not necessarily the use case that will make this altcoin go mainstream anytime soon, it indicates that things are evolving in the right direction. There is still a lot of work to be done before Bitcoin Cash can rival Bitcoin, but at least users will be able to celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day with their preferred version of Bitcoin.

While no one will deny that Bitcoin Cash is a very successful and popular altcoin, there is still plenty of work to be done. Celebrating Bitcoin Cash Pizza Day may become a trend in the near future, which can only be considered a good thing. Bringing cryptocurrency enthusiasts together during events like these is what crypto is all about.