OpenBlock: Blockchain Artificial Intelligence Changing Day Trading for the Better

The Obi Automated cryptocurrency trading bot will bring trading returns to the OpenBlock platforms token holders; the OpenBlock platform is set to take the exchange ecosystem by storm allowing users to use Obi and have it autonomously trade for you whist staking tokens on their network.

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Research has shown over the last two years that digital currencies have a become a source of high marginal returns considering their ample trading opportunity and skyrocketing prices. This is enabling the average user to take full advantage of a wide spectrum of currencies often without any prior experience and often without the knowledge of the pitfalls of trading such as the high volatility that leads to major price swings.

Many Advantages from A.I

Artificial Intelligence brings many advances to the human species, OpenBlock is leveraging this opportunity with an A.I that will be able to trade 24 hours of the day, with zero emotion, predetermined risk management and more. Considering the huge potential of crypto ecosystem, OpenBlock has solved these issues with an automated trading bot. OpenBlock will carry out two years of investment as well as extensive research and development into a proven piece of software that will revolutionize the way users day trade.

Meet the Team

Founder Nicholas Thomas spent many years as a successful crypto trader, he saw an opportunity to take his skills and elevate the industry by having robots trade like disciplined traders; he pursued the dream and started OpenBlock to bring the ease of BOT trading to the world. Nicholas has been part of several successful TGEs and continues to be an advocate for blockchain technologies worldwide.

COO Sebastian has a background in sports promotions and has owned several successful companies; he adopted the crypto fever as a miner and now manages the customer and office relations while ensure the operations at OpenBlock run smoothly.

About OpenBlock

The OpenBlock, OBi system automated cryptocurrency trading bot brings valued returns to the platforms token holders; OpenBlock will allow people from all walks of life to participate in day trading with the use of the OBi bot. Users will benefit from a continuous growth of the cryptocurrency marketplace.

OBi also runs a constant protocol that is enabled to trace dozens of currency pairs in the crypto ecosystem simultaneously whilst it scans the markets, analyzes charts and performs fundamental analysis. Furthermore OBi has the ability to trade up to 1200 round trades in a single 24 hour period.

With Artificial Intelligence being the future of trading, OpenBlock is at the forefront of this trading revolution; the OpenBlock ethos is designed to provide the user with a completely transparent platform, enabling users to watch as the OBi bot trades via live streams in real time. OBi posts the results daily having individual trades and daily profits earned, this ensures that staking participants are always in the loop. OpenBlock is truly building a formidable company that is here for the long run and has a sustainable business model.

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