Ongoing Verge Issues Spell Problems for Pornhub Partnership

Even though a lot of people are still shocked that Pornhub actually took the plunge on Verge, it seems that decision may come back to bite the company. Due to the ongoing attacks against the Verge network, Pornhub and its cohorts are at risk of seeing transactions reversed or spoofed. It is a very big problem and an example of why solid technology should always be the foundation of any payment method.

Pornhub and Verge Have Issues

While one has to commend an entity such as Pornhub for accepting cryptocurrency payments, the decision to go with Verge still raises a lot of questions. The Verge network has faced multiple attacks in quick succession. The latest issue was uncovered earlier this week, as someone has successfully manipulated the network for the second time in a few months.

While Verge’s developers continue to claim this is an ongoing DDoS attack, that explanation remains highly questionable. Someone is clearly targeting the Verge network – and succeeding – but this is more of a mining attack than a DDoS attempt. Resolving these problems will remain a major headache for the time being. It is evident that Verge’s developers have a lot of work ahead of them.

Suprnova officials claim the attacker successfully forked the Verge blockchain – again – and is now spoofing fake transactions. This issue also affects the Pornhub platform, as its XVG transactions may be reversed or not confirmed at all. False timestamps on blocks can cause all kinds of annoying issues, especially when accepting XVG transactions with a minimal amount of confirmations.

Charlie Lee has stated that some Verge transactions are being reversed as we speak. Whether or not that is actually true, it is evident that things are not looking all that great as of right now. Pornhub could have easily partnered with a proper and established cryptocurrency, yet for some reason, it decided to go with Verge. This was done despite knowing about the network’s previous issues earlier this year.

While no one will deny there has been a lot of hype and excitement associated with Verge, its technology remains questionable at best. Suffering from two similar setbacks a few months apart is unacceptable. That’s especially true because the latest attack involved the same exploit as the previous one, and the developers – for some reason – decided not to fix that security gap. Any company associated with such an unstable project will face repercussions sooner or later.

For the time being, it remains to be seen how this uneasy situation will evolve. No one but the attacker benefits from this particular development, yet it seems the Verge developers are incapable of doing something about the current situation. It also seems members of the Verge community – often referred to as Vergins – are slowly turning their backs on this particular cryptocurrency after the most recent screw-up.