Pornhub Models Can Now Accept Verge as Payment

Ever since Verge partnered with Pornhub, things seemingly have made little sense when it comes to the latter platform. Even so, it shows they are genuinely interested in cryptocurrency for various reasons. Pornhub’s latest venture involves paying models in the Verge cryptocurrency. It’s a surprising decision, and one that raises a lot of questions.

Pornhub has an Ambitious Plan

Verge surprised the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem when they announced a partnership with Pornhub not that long ago. At first, some enthusiasts assumed it was ‘fake news’, as there is very little reason for a respected entity such as Pornhub to partner with one of the lesser-known alternative cryptocurrencies out there.

It turned out the partnership was very real. Verge will become a usable payment method on the Pornhub platform and any of its subsidiaries. Whether or not anyone will ever pay for adult content with XVG is a different matter, but it does give users more options when trying to maintain some degree of privacy.

It has since become clear that Pornhub has even bigger plans for its Verge integration. Its latest venture involves offering Verge as a payment option for its models. Anyone who accepts XVG payouts will pay lower fees, invest in the “massively growing economy”, and have their funds secured in a safe manner. Interested models can update their payout settings through the platform accordingly.

This further confirms the company is looking to fully integrate the Verge cryptocurrency option into its platform moving forward. Giving models the option to receive their paychecks in Verge is rather interesting, although it remains to be seen if anyone will accept this offer. After all, models will have to convert their XVG to fiat currency, as spending Verge in the real world is pretty much impossible at this stage.

It is not the first time that companies have experimented with cryptocurrency payroll solutions. Japan’s GMO Internet introduced a Bitcoin payroll option some time ago. Although it only lets workers receive part of their paychecks in BTC, the option is still rather interesting. Unlike Verge, Bitcoin can be used for most common real-world purchases, at least in Japan.

Whether or not Pornhub is on the right track in betting big on Verge remains to be determined. Verge joins a small set of payment options for models, including Check, PayPal, and Paxum. It is an intriguing move, but it’s one that may not necessarily be utilized.