Onecoin Sends Lawsuit Threats to Media and Whistleblowers

OneCoin has been quite a controversial topic in the cryptocurrency community. After a recent arrest in Mumbai, which resulted in 18 OneCoin representatives arrested and $3 million seized, it seems that the scheme is starting to issue legal threats to publications and writers. One such person to receive a legal threat was Bjorn Bjercke, a blokchain professional from Norway. The cease and desist letter threatened to sue Bjercke unless he withdrew his statements, youtube videos, and articles.

According to Bjorn Bjercke, OneCoin Recruitment company approached him on 29th of September 2016. He told behindmlm that Asenshia approached him regarding a C level position:

We are currently working on a C Level search that may interest you. Can you suggest when you may be free for a call and the best number to reach you on?

The annual salary for such a position was $2.5 million. However, once Bjercke realized that he would be working with OneCoin he turned down the position. In the process of listening to all the details about the job, the blockchain professional realized that OneCoin was using a simple SQL database to “store” their tokens. It didn’t take long for him to release that information to the public.

According the behindmlm, there are talks that OneCoin did hire an actual blockchain developer to set up a ledger for the company. However, it still doesn’t change the fact that there wasn’t a blockchain to begin with.

Bjercke wasn’t the only one to receive a threatening letter, a Bitcoin journalist from Germany writing for Coinspondent also received a legal threat from OneCoin. According to Friedemann Brenneis – the journalist in question – OneCoin lawyers were irritated by an article he published. In the article, Brenneis pointed out two publications by BaFin (the German banking watchdog) which criticized OneCoin.

After the wave of legal threats were sent, most of the users on the receiving end decided to retract their statements and remove the content. However, a few decided to stand up to OneCoin and fight them in court if it gets to that point. It is still unclear whether or not any of the journalists will actually be sued as the only received threats of litigation so far.

Unfortunately, since OneCoin is quite a large organization they have a large legal fund. While OneCoin may not be able to win the libel and defamation cases, they can use stall tactics to bleed the defendant’s dry. That is a common strategy used by entities with large sums of cash to make others with less resources comply. Only time will tell whether OneCoin’s threats are legitimate or not, however, so far we haven’t see any libel lawsuits filed by OneCoin lawyers.

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  • Royalpriest

    No reasonable person fight a battle he cannot win. Fight a genuine business empire like onecoin and live with regret for life. Please live onecoin alone or face the music

    • sturle

      LOL! OneCoin is a scam in every possible way from beginning to end. You can buy the “coins”, but selling them is impossible. I exchange bitcoins for a living, and have been contaced by several people who lost lost their savings to the scam. I am sorry for your loss if you believed in the scam, and hope you will spend years in prison if you are among the people who tricked people into believeing in it.

      • Royalpriest

        Onecoin has not gone public yet and the are absolutely not in a hurry to do so as a matter of strategy that has put them ahead of their competitors. Onecoin is setting the pace for cryptocurrency in the world today. If you are sincere to yourself, you would have observe that most recently launch Cryptocurrencies are following our strategy.
        It is unfortunate to say onecoin that has the biggest block chain in history is not a cryptocurrency. Well, all these war cannot stand the test of time because we are a moving train that can never be stopped by the opposition.
        I encourage the public to buy now to reap a bumper harvest tomorrow. Onecoin has the biggest blockchain, the largest capital base, the numerical strength and still growing.

        • sturle

          LOL! Where is the OneCoin “blockchain”? An SQL database isn’t a blockchain. OneCoin doesn’t have a blockchain. OneCoin is a scam. The exchange was supposed to open in 2016, then in 2017 and now in 2018. “OneCoin” is always one year away, isn’t it? 😀

          Hopefully the rest of the people behind the scam are in prison by 2018. That would be worthwhile to rush.

        • WhistleBlowerFin

          Everybody in the crypto industry knows Onecoin is a scam. Only the ignorant sheeple members listening to their leaders lying think that Onecoin is some major cryptocurrency with amazing tech. LOL. It’s a scam, it has nothing to do with cryptocurrency even. Nobody knows even one person working for Onecoin at blockchain tech.

        • Scott Hall

          Royalpriest, it is clear you are part of the Onecoin fraud.

        • Tim Tayshun

          Dude you have like one week …possibly several before your entire world Congress creaking down. Think of us as a-holes or whatever you want, but learn from your mistakes and seek counseling about slowing you to be brainwashed and to parrot the same words of the convicted criminals and career con-artists you presently worship.

          Check out the bitcoin talk forum in PayCoin scam starting from December 2014 through around March 2015 do that you can better understand your own folly.

          • Tim Tayshun

            *sorry for the autocorrect typos.

            Maybe you should start reading up on PayCoin(December 2014).

            That way you can follow the repeat history in real time. But you’ll need to read like one week at a time to catch up.

            I promise you, if you do this and see the comments of the victims like yourself at that point (I’m presuming you aren’t just a cockroach scammer), than you can go through their pain 2 1/2 years ago in real time with where you are today.

            It’s at: bitcoin talk forum / PayCoin / December 2014 (or something like that (little help?)

    • Their time will come and their next bed will be in jail ?

    • Tim Tayshun
    • Tim Tayshun
    • A B

      69 ONECOIN has been deposited into your account’s SQL row.

    • I won!

  • Royalpriest

    I am surprise that so many people have been brainwashed to believe that onecoin is a Ponzi scheme or a fraud, as a result many are afraid to take advantage of this gold mine called onecoin. The question is who are those fighting onecoin, they are onecoin competitors. They are already gittering that the will loose their first position to onecoin. Watch out for 2018 as onecoin navigates through her challenges and go public.

    • WhistleBlowerFin

      Tired troll. Onecoin competitors.. lol. Onecoin’s competitors are other scams like Trade Coin Club etc. Onecoin is not even a cryptocurrency: Your Onecoin transactions have no TransactionID pointing to blockchain, you can’t check you onecoin transaction from blockchain, hell you can’t even send coins outside of your network line.

    • Onecoin is like a secte, they all are brainwashed once enrolled in.

    • Tim Tayshun

      Competition is GOOD for crypto. Those are the facts. Onecoin is the difference between an F-11 fighter plane and a paper airplane. It’s not real.

    • Digavijoe

      By your own promotional ad’s you are a MLM, which is a PONZI scheme by definition!!!! Inject yourself NOW—–SQL is not blockchain, never was, never will be!!!

  • Tim Tayshun

    CORRECTION – RE: “Bjorn Bjercke was offered a job at Onecoin back in 2013…”

    This is false. Onecoin didn’t even begin until August 2014. The founders were pimping other scams in 2013.

    Bjorn was contacted on September 28th, 2016.

    Please correct.

    • Tim Tayshun

      Also, Bjorn stated that although the $2.5M was mentioned in another article, this was NOT the figure he was given. He simply stated that they offered him “a significant amount of money.”

  • Paul Pinto

    Hey. You idiots are confusing people. Can you show some proof of what your are posting regularly. Always negative feedback regarding ONECOIN why? When BITCOIN Started in 2006 same shit people like you making a lot of noise, NOW Bitcoin is the best and ONE COIN IS THE WORST.
    JUST A FAKE NEWS EVERY SINGLE DAY. I agree with Donald Trump Regarding fake news by idiots like you. IF YOU GUYS SHOWS US SOME PROOF THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

    • A B

      I wonder who could be behind this post?

      (PS. Bitcoin started in 2009)

    • The moment I read “Hey. You idiots…” I figurd you where a Trump supporter.

      • Paul Pinto

        APOLOGIES about the rude comment. I’m not a fan of Trump but I agree with the Fake news which disturbes people like me. No one wants to tell the facts whats going around.
        Actually I want a bit more information about ONECOIN. All I know is any company which survived complete 2 years amist of storm and pressure from law makers and law enforcement agencies will survive for rest of the years to come. Now more than 3million plus people already into ONECOIN. People who was talking negative still talking about it. Still the company is growing.

        • 3.000.000 Mmmkay…. funny that only about 85.000 (give or take) of the 3.000.000 members “LIKE” the official OneCoin/OneLife facebook page.

          • Paul Pinto

            Honestly I’m not in Facebook. Too me Facebook is a waste of time. But I want to check this out today.

  • Lucas

    $3 million seized? Where did you get this number as this entire article isn’t even real. Do research before publishing articles to all of your readers. I used to like this magazine, but now it’s a bunch of fake stories about OneCoin.

  • Megan

    The Merkle is so clearly biased to promoting other currencies. I’d like to see sources for any of these claims.