NVIDIA’s AI-driven Surveillance Camera Project Will Help Monitor Smart Cities

One of the primary purposes of an artificial intelligence is how it can take over tasks normally done by human beings. NVIDIA, a company best known for their ventures in the world of video cards and the NVIDIA shield, is currently working on an AI as well. Their project is designed to oversee smart cities through video surveillance. An interesting concept, assuming it is a viable idea.

NVIDIA’s AI is More Potent Than You’d Think

Truth be told, NVIDIA has been working on their artificial intelligence for quite some time now. A new feature will be introduced in the near future, assuming the testing phase proves to be successful. As of right now, the company is trialing their video analytics platform called Metropolis. It is quite an interesting venture that will revamp smart cities of the future.

To be more specific, Metropolis is a project that uses artificial intelligence to analyze data from surveillance videos throughout these smart cities. This is done to benefit public safety, traffic management, and optimize citywide resources. NVIDIA feels this is an excellent time to work on an AI-based project focusing on this particular industry. With millions of surveillance cameras around the world, using artificial intelligence can make a big difference.

To throw out a scary number, NVIDIA believes there will be as many as 1 billion surveillance cameras globally by 2020. That is quite a staggering number when thinking about it, although it is not something one should dwell on for too long. Right now, monitoring the surveillance cameras and analyzing the data is done by humans, which makes the task very labor-intensive one.

A deep learning AI can help video analytics and perform a much more accurate job in the process. So far, NVIDIA has partnered with a few dozen companies responsible for creating security cameras. GPU deep learning allows the artificial intelligence solution to analyze data much quicker and provide deeper insights. Turning this concept into a citywide cloud-connected AI-powered surveillance solution will be the ultimate goal for NVIDIA.

There are quite a few other benefits to such a system, as it allows the AI to notify residents of emergencies, locate missing persons, and even aid police in properly conducting criminal investigations. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is how it can alert drivers of potential traffic congestion in their vicinity. This latter part will be of great interest to quite a few people, assuming NVIDIA’s solution ever comes to fruition.

On the flipside, this entire concept is quite troublesome as well. Looking at things from a privacy-oriented point of view, this system will be quite invasive. Then again, it won’t do anything surveillance cameras are not doing already. The only difference is how the AI will be able to sift through the data a lot quicker compared to human operators. The future is bright and scary at the same time, to say the least.

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