Now is The Time To See The Possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, Rather Than Fear It

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising breakthroughs in the world of science and technology. By creating reliable intelligence, it becomes much easier to automate a lot of things taking place in our lives. But the shift towards a more AI-oriented world will not be without a price, as plenty of jobs will go away or transform into something different. President Barack Obama is rather hesitant when it comes to artificial technology.

AI Is Powerful, But We Need To be Cautious

Technology is changing our daily lives on a constant basis, even though most of us won’t even acknowledge the changes that occur. Slowly but surely we are becoming a tech-oriented society where devices are always connected to the internet, and information flows freely. In most cases this is a positive development, but it is not without its drawbacks.

Humanity has a rather odd habit of experimenting with technology on a  large scale before understanding its potential repercussions. Mobile devices, for example, have become incredibly common. In some countries they even replace computers due to their computational power and being pocket-sized, but there are downfalls too, as the software run on a mobile device may not always be secure.

Paying closer attention to technology and how it can improve our society is a positive trend overall. However, the job sector will see some drastic changes in the coming decades. Nearly half of the jobs can be automated or become obsolete in general due to technological superiority. This does not mean there will be a net job loss by any means, but employers and policymakers will need to remain ahead of the curve.

Artificial intelligence is one of the topics that meets a lot of resistance and hesitation. When Barack Obama voices his concerns over how AI will affect the job market, the time has come to take notice. While it is true no one can predict the future of this technological evolution, AI has the potential to make a lot of human staffers obsolete in the future.

On the other side of the medallion, deployment of AI also means the more mundane tasks–data entry, creating templates, and even most of the design work–can be done by technology. The human element in the company can then focus on more important jobs such as security, streamlining the workflow, and enhancing the social element of spending five days a week working for someone else.

It is always easier to see the downside of what the future may hold. That is human nature, after all. But one should also pay close attention to the possibilities that can be created. Now is the time to ensure that artificial intelligence will be an asset, rather than a job competitor. Being afraid of the future won’t help by any means, as we will have to dive in head-first and carve our own path to success.

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