Top EOS Casinos and Gambling dApps for 2019

EOS is the 7th cryptocurrency based on market cap and is extremely similar to Ethereum. Both provide a smart contract platform for dApps that allows developers to create next generation applications. Just like there are Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos, EOS has its own gambling ecosystem. Let’s take a look at our top picks for EOS gambling apps you must check out.

Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency gambling is subject to legal restrictions in some regions.

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Jackpot, Dividends


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Faucet, ET Token


Endless Games

100 Free Spins



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Giveaway, Staking



Member Levels



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Jackpot, Dividends



#1 EOSBet

EOSBet is our favorite EOS based gambling dApp that features four games as of right now: Dice, Hi/Lo, Baccarat, and Crash. In my opinion, EOSBet has the best design when it comes to its games out of everybody on this list. The interface is extremely intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. Also, there is a livechat box on the site which keeps things more lively. Moreover, EOSBet has its BET tokens which you can buy or sell on Binance. There are also dividends which you can claim after you bet a certain amount and also a game wide jackpot which you can enter for 0.05 EOS. Overall EOSBet is one of my personal favorites that I would definitely suggest you check out.

#2 Endless Games logo

Endless Games is a collection of gambling dApps developed by Endless Games. The platform features various gambling games such as Endless Dice, Poker, Lottery and Crash. There is also an EOS faucet which will give you anywhere between 0.0001 and 10 EOS. You can open the chest about once a day for an easy reward. Endless Games also has a token called ET – Endless Token. Players are rewarded ET every time they play any Endless games, regardless if they win or not. Moreover, you can stake your ET to earn rewards and can also sell the tokens on the Endless Games exchange.

#3 BetHash

BetHash features a collection of EOS gambling dApps including: Lottery, Dice, Blackjack, Slots and Banker Bull. All the games are extremely fun and I suggest you check out Banker Bull as it’s quite a unique game that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Moreover, the Slots for BetHash are also extremely fun as you win at least something almost every spin. In addition, there’s also the HPOINT token which is comparable to EOSBet’s BET and Endless Games’ ET tokens. Another amazing feature for BetHash is their built-in exchange. You can convert EOS to a host of other cryptocurrencies in a matter of seconds! Last but not least, there are also tasks that you can find on your dashboard. These tasks are almost like achievements that reward you EOS for hitting a certain level. There’s also the daily objective which is an easy task that can get you a nice reward.

#4 DEOSGames

deos logo small

DEOSGames is another great EOS gambling platform that features four games: Dice, Slots, Poker and Hold’em Poker. The interface seems similar to Endless Games, so I wouldn’t doubt if there is some connection there. The two games you must check out are Poker and Hold’em Poker. DEOS Games has quite a unique version of Poker where you get dealt a hand of five cards, select any amount of cards you want to hold and get another hand. Based on what cards you get you get a certain payout, an extremely fun game with a minimum bet of 0.2 EOS. Another cool game is Hold’em Poker, this is where you sit at a virtual table and actually get to play poker against other players. Quite a unique experience that I haven’t encountered with other EOS casinos.


#5 EOSPlay

EOSPlay is dubbed the “one-stop EOS gaming center.” It features five types of games: Baccarat, Slots, Dice, Lottery and 44. The two top games in my opinion for EOSPlay are Dice and Slots. It looks like EOSPlay is based in Japan because some of the games are only in Japanese. For example, Baccarat and 44 can only be played if you understand Japanese which is quite a shame.

One cool feature that EOSPlay provides is their Member Levels. As you play games on EOSPlay you will accumulate a bet amount, the higher the bet amount the higher the amount of rebate you can get back. For example, if you bet a total of 10 EOS you will get a rebate of 0.1% or 0.1 EOS. The rebate goes up to 0.8% if you bet more than 100,000,000 EOS, I really doubt anybody will reach that level anytime soon as 100 million EOS is equivalent to over $400 million.

#6 EOSMax

eosmax logo

EOS Max is yet another EOS gambling dApp featuring Slots, Dice and Bullfighting. The first two games are pretty standard, Bullfighting on the other hand is a cool multiplayer PVP card game. Bullfighting is extremely similar to BetHash’s Banker Bull, with a difference that you are playing against the banker’s hands. Moreover, each round is 30 seconds rather than BetHash’s 1 minute. Overall it’s a fun game but the design could be improved a lot. Comparing EOSMax’s design to some of these other EOS gambling dApps makes EOSMax look a bit archaic. EOSMax also has Dividends and a Jackpot which is a nice added bonus. Overall I would only check out EOSMax for their Bullfighting game.

Special Mention: Trust Dice

Trust Dice is one of the most popular cryptocurrency dice games. It wasn’t included in our list because it’s not specifically an EOS dApp. Trust Dice supports twelve different type of cryptocurrencies, essentially having a dApp for each one. When you go to the Trust Dice dashboard you will be greeted with a brief tutorial on the interface and what each function does, that’s something that I haven’t commonly seen with other gambling dApps that is desperately needed. Moreover, there is an awesome faucet that rewards cryptocurrency every six hours. If all you’re looking for is a simple Dice game, make sure to check out Trust Dice.

What Are EOS Casinos and Gambling dApps?

EOS Casinos are online casinos that you can access via a browser that support the EOS cryptocurrency. Gambling dApps are applications that are smart contracts that live on a blockchain, most of the time on either Ethereum or EOS. For the end user, online casinos and gambling dApps are one and the same. You create an account like you would on any other platform and interact with it the same. You might need some extra tools to actually interact with the platform, but the experience is similar.

What’s the benefit of Gambling dApps over Traditional Cryptocurrency Casinos?

The real benefit of gambling dApps is under the hood. Deposits, withdrawals, cash outs, and any other transactions happen much quicker. Moreover, each game can be easily verified for fairness. There is also the security benefit that’s added as you don’t need to actually trust the casino in order to participate. Winnings are also distributed instantly and with no verification which was the biggest problem with traditional crypto casinos.

How to get started with EOS Casinos?

In order to interact with any EOS dApps, you must install a compatible wallet. Scatter is a great choice and what I personally use. For a walkthrough on how to setup Scatter, check out my write up on How to Setup Scatter and Start Interacting With EOS dApps.

Are EOS Gambling Apps Legal?

Online gambling falls into one category. Cryptocurrency gambling is a subset of that category which has varying regulations all over the world. In the US for example, there’s no set guidelines on cryptocurrency gambling just yet. While some states in the US banned online gambling, most states don’t have clear laws about crypto gambling. On the other hand, most countries in Europe have no issue with online gambling while most countries in the Middle East explicitly prohibit any sort of betting.

Are EOS Gambling dApps Safe?

If you are indeed interacting with a reputable EOS Gambling dApp, then the chances of you getting scammed is extremely low. The worst that can happen is the casino won’t give you your winnings or take your deposit hostage. Most of the time, people bet relatively small amounts first in order to test out the casino. Since Gambling dApps are essentially autonomous, even if you win big you should get your reward. The only time that can fail is if the casino doesn’t have enough EOS in its balance. That’s why it’s important to choose a popular casino that has many users and thus will be able to handle large bets.