New York Takes Dire Action to Contain the Novel Coronavirus in New Rochelle

The current novel coronavirus crisis keeps a lot of people on their toes. In New York, the situation requires enforcing several harsh requirements that may remain in place for some time to come.

Across the United States, several hotspots related to the novel coronavirus can be identified.

More Coronavirus Precautions in NY

In New York, the situation is far more severe compared to other parts of the United States.

Schools, temples, churches, and other gathering places in or near New Rochelle will be shut down for two weeks.

It is possible that this deadline will be extended, depending on how the situation evolves exactly.

New Rochelle is home to one of the country’s biggest novel coronavirus clusters recorded to date.

Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to enforce a containment area for a 1 mile radius around the center of the cluster.

With over 170 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in New York State, severe action appears more than warranted.

It is evident that the current evolution of this outbreak is not favorable. 

The pandemic will continue to disrupt people’s daily lives for quite some time to come.

Shutting down large gathering places makes a lot of sense, although it may not be sufficient to make a meaningful impact.

More measures are likely to be announced over the coming days.