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New Lisk Client Deployed On Testnet To Focus on Scalability

It has been a while since we last heard from the Lisk developer team. Although the project is still being worked on as we speak, little news was provided to us in recent weeks. Now that client release 0.4.0 has been released on the testnet; it looks like some changes will be coming. The primary focus for Lisk lies on improving stability.

A New Lisk Client Release Is Coming Soon

The new Lisk client, which was released on the testnet earlier today, has been in development for quite some time. The developers are looking to achieve several milestones in the coming months, and this new client is the first of many steps. A strong focus lies on scalability and security, as exciting things seem to be on the horizon for the Lisk network.

Lisk CTO and Co-founder Oliver Beddows told the media:

“The main aim in our current phase of development – Inception –  is to create a stable and robust platform. Over the past number of weeks, the Lisk core team has stabilized the mainchain and made improvements to the efficiency and reliability of the platform. Most importantly, we improved the efficiency of the block processing and made peer-to-peer block synchronization more reliable. Each of these improvements will promote community forging, ensuring that the network will be more secure.”

It is good to see the developers pay attention to issues that seem to give cryptocurrency and blockchain technology a bad reputation. Scalability in Bitcoin is hard to come by, despite months of debates, potential solutions, and congestion. Lisk wants to stay ahead of the game with their new release, which also includes various API bug fixes.

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To take things to the next level, Lisk is also looking to hire additional developers. Particularly those with an interest in Javascript-based blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK are in high demand. Interested parties can reach out to the team through their website, and showcase their skills and ideas in the process.

For the time being, there is no official mainnet release date for Lisk 0.4.0. The team has told us how the release will be made available for Mac, Linux, and FreeBSD platforms. The support for multiple CPU architectures should address some of the issues users have reported with the current release.

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