Scalability Issues Continue To Linger For users

A lot of people still rely on the wallet service provided by the popularity of this platform, their services have seen a lot of issues as well. Various outages create an unreliable wallet service, which is never a good thing. Things seem to be getting a bit out of hand once again, as various users have complained about the Bitcoin wallet service a few hours ago.

More Issues For users

Although Bitcoin is designed to put users in full control of their funds, that does not always seem to be the case. When using a service such as, relying on their own application or web wallet may not be the best idea. It is a good thing the company lets users export their Bitcoin address private keys to different services.

For those who were trying to use either the website or the mobile application earlier today, issues arose when trying to send Bitcoin. Both web wallet and mobile users got an intriguing error message. “Unable to Acquire Transaction lock” is a rather strange error that has not been mentioned by users so far.

As it turns out, the sending worked a few minutes later, indicating a temporary overload of the API. It is not the first time this happened, nor will it be the last. Scalability is an issue when it comes to Bitcoin, but it is also a concern for several wallet service providers which manage to gain traction.

While these issues are only temporary, they are causing a big problem for both novice and veteran Bitcoin users. Not having access to one’s own funds due to a problem with the third-party service provider is not something that should be common in the Bitcoin world. In fact, some people might argue that is exactly the reason why banks are losing the confidence of their customers.

To make matters worse, a lot of people see as the Bitcoin blockchain, even though both concepts are very different. gives a visual representation of the blockchain, but if the service goes down, the Bitcoin blockchain continues to work just fine. All in all, these recurring issues are a problem that needs to be addressed.

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