New Bitcoin ATM Arrives in New Hampshire Courtesy of Shire Free Church

It is not often that Bitcoin and religion come together and join forces, but there are always exceptions to be found. The city of Manchester in New Hampshire has received a new General Bytes Bitcoin ATM, courtesy of the Shire Free Church. This announcement marks the second Bitcoin ATM to operate in the city, showing an increasing demand for the popular digital currency.

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Shire Free Church Provides Bitcoin ATM

TheMerkle_General Bytes Bitcoin ATM

Bringing Bitcoin to people all over the world remains a struggle for people immersed in the popular digital currency ecosystem. Even though there plenty of advantages to Bitcoin compared to other payment solutions, very few consumers are even aware of the positive aspects Bitcoin can bring to the table.

On top of that, there is the ever-returning issue of spreading the word on Bitcoin and digital currency on a large scale. Whereas Bitcoin Meetup groups are a great way to get introduced to this new technology and payment solution, it is not something everybody will benefit from. Plus, with mainstream media trying to discredit the digital currency at any given turn, things are not getting easier.

The Shire Free Church in Manchester, NH, has taken upon themselves to bring Bitcoin to local communities, by installing a second ATM in the area. Manufactured by General Bytes, this device will allow for quick and easy conversions from fiat currency to Bitcoin. All it takes is for users to visit Murphy’s Taproom, where the machine will be waiting for new customers.

What makes this effort by the Shire Free Church so interesting is how they have deliberately chosen to keep the conversion fee as low as possible. Whereas most Bitcoin ATMs will operate on fees around the 7% mark – or more – the machine at Murphy’s Taproom will charge a flat 5% fee. Do keep in mind this fee can change depending on current price volatility.

Regarding accessibility, Murphy’s Taproom is opened every day of the week, and the new Bitcoin ATM can be accessed between 11:30 AM and 1 AM. The efforts by this venue should be applauded as well, as the previous device installed at this location – from a different manufacturer – was not much of a success. Keeping the faith in Bitcoin is important if this ecosystem is to grow, and it will be interesting to see how the General Bytes machine will perform in a year from now.

We can only hope to see more ATM operators stick to a fee of 5% or less in the near future. While it is only normal to make a profit when offering this service – on top of the standard fee charged by the manufacturer – seven percent or more is quite outrageous. Especially for those people who are looking to venture into the world of Bitcoin for the first time.

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