New Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Update Offers Significant Improvements

Bitcoin wallets are not that difficult to find, but there are not all that many good ones either. For mobile users, the number of choices is somewhat limited. Breadwallet, Mycelium, and Airbitz are three of the most commonly used Bitcoin wallet solutions across devices. Airbitz has recently released an updated client, which makes the wallet more power efficient and reliable.

New Airbitz Bitcoin Wallet Update Is Live

Mobile Bitcoin wallet developers have to remain vigilant at all times. Providing updates is necessary to keep their wallet solution competitive. Airbitz has released version 2.1.0, which is a significant speed improvement compared to previous versions. Moreover, the battery drain has been reduced significantly, which is something all mobile users can enjoy.

The team also introduced a new “Smart Fee” feature, which serves as a dynamic mining fee calculation tool. Depending on the current network congestions, this fee will adjust automatically. However, it will also ensure microtransactions are subject to the lowest fees possible.

On the battery saving front, the new Airbitz release is 10x as power efficient compared to the previous build. The UI has undergone some significant changes as well and looks a lot more streamlined than before. New language support has been added ass well, in the form of French, Spanish, Hindi,  Chinese, and Portuguese support.

AirBitz is one of the few Bitcoin wallets which can be accessed on either Android or iOS devices. For Apple users, the wallet now has a TouchID button on the login screen. Pressing this button will re-trigger the TouchID popup, allowing for convenient and secure access to the wallet and all of its features.

Speaking of accessing the Airbitz wallet on a mobile device, previous versions would sometimes take a few seconds to load. That issue has been addressed by the developers as well, as they improved login speeds by nearly 200% on new devices. Moreover, the entire look and feel of the wallet are more user-friendly than before, which is always a plus.

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