NebliDEX Provides a DEX Capable of Competing With Centralized Platforms

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often centralized, ensuring that users are never in control of their own holdings. New solutions need to be found, and it appears that NebliDex has some ideas as to how the future of trading should look.

Putting users in full control of their assets is a core aspect of cryptocurrency.

For some reason, most traders are more than willing to let third-party companies take care of this aspect on their behalf.

A big Step Forward for DEX Enthusiasts

Given all of the shenanigans, outages, hacks, and thefts affecting centralized exchanges, it becomes apparent that something needs to change.

Decentralized trading solutions, or DEXes, are often touted to be the next logical step in the evolution.

So far, there has been some progress to ensure that a DEX would work as advertised.

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Newly launched project NebliDex is a good example of what is needed to make this successful.

Offering a decentralized bridge between Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum – as well as tokens issued on those networks – is a crucial aspect.

Users can also trade with Bitcoin Cash and many others.

Every trade takes place through atomic swaps, as there is no order book nor chart.

Stablecoins are also supported in the form of USDC and DAI, but not Tether’s USDT. 

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