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NebliDEX Provides a DEX Capable of Competing With Centralized Platforms

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often centralized, ensuring that users are never in control of their own holdings. New solutions need to be found, and it appears that NebliDex has some ideas as to how the future of trading should look. Putting users in full control of their assets is a core aspect of cryptocurrency. For some reason, most traders are more than willing to let third-party companies take care of this …
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CME’s Open Interest Suggests a Bitcoin Price Jump is Imminent

Looking at the current Bitcoin price momentum, some cautious optimism appears to be warranted. Open interest on CME’s Bitcoin options seems to confirm as much, although no immediate push to $10,000 should be expected. Many people would like to see the value of Bitcoin hit five digits once again. Are Things Looking up for Bitcoin? When that happens, the world’s leading cryptocurrency may slowly begin moving to a new all-time …
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BitMEX Trading Engine Issue Triggers Concerns Over XBT/USD Liquidations

When it comes to dealing with the BitMEX platform, a lot of users are rather dismayed. Yesterday’s sudden outage triggered a brief visual XBT/USD price drop to $0, prior to the trading engine going offline.  Centralized trading platforms often struggle to keep their service accessible at all times. Another bad day at the Office for BitMEX Whether it is a direct exchange or derivatives platform, things can go haywire when …
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