NAGA Token Sale – The Tokens From the Real Economy

A vast majority of the companies who are entering ICO are not  offering any already established product. You are being told that if you give your money to the company it would, probably, produce something. Those companies are laying account with inexperienced investors, interested in bright ideas. The NAGA Group took another path: it first issued a product, then went public, and only after that came up with the idea of issuing their own tokens.

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To understand the NAGA’s path better, one has to realize, what it offers. In fact, the company creates additional tools for the financial market of the real sector. It started with a platform for traders – a social network – that provides opportunities for investing in the financial markets. By creating  a user-friendly product, the company was able to attract money from investment funds to get initial capital and quickly make a net profit that reach into millions of euros.

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Naga went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by conducting an IPO – the initial public offering of shares on the exchange to attract resources and grant the company’s trustworthiness. In order to carry out an IPO,  a company has to carry out many highly stringent check by regulators, including providing data on profits, working capital, etc. Besides, this model opens the doors to opportunities in the realm of attracting large investment funds. The large Chinese investment group FOSUN and one of the oldest European banks Hauck & Aufhaeuser have already invested in the company. Nevertheless, Naga stock  is available  for smaller investors too. You just have to find a broker and enter the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.    

There are also additional advantages that reduce the risks normally associated with ICOs when looking at NAGA.. Because of the public listing, NAGA operates under strict German legislation, which, given the stability of the country’s economic system, hardly makes it possible that the company’s work will be banned, as happened with ICOs in China. The company has all the necessary licenses for doing business, which guarantees that it is not a shadow company, the only purpose of which is collecting money.

The recognition of this model by the states can become a solution to the problem of distrust that has been experienced by other companies who have wanted to release of token sales. In fact, NAGA, as a pioneer shows others how the work can be done by reducing risks to investors. At the same time, the company is neither constantly threatened by prohibitions nor pressed by the chaotic regulations. The clear rules of the game are the most important thing in business.

If other actors on the market will come to the realization that this model works, a lot of large companies that are issuing tokens would be in the exchange listings first. This will attract large investment funds, which are not normally working with the fintech startups like this yet.  

In other words, in case of big capital involvement, the potential for growth of both NAGA and the entire market is just enormous.

Why, then, does Naga need token issuing? For swift growth the company needs additional resources that can be spent on marketing, business development and development of the additional platforms. Those platforms will be amalgamated into a single solid ecosystem. One of the most important platforms is Switex, which will enable the trading of virtual goods and in-game items for gamers. For instance, you have some stuff in Dota, or any other game, which allows you to receive items. With Switex you can exchange them for bitcoins, gold or even Apple shares, if you’d like. The whole exchange would be conducted through the NAGA Wallet – the tool that connects the ecosystem and allows you to use all the platforms and services provided by the company. Both Switex and Naga Wallet would be launched during the first six month of 2018. They would work without any regional limitations. Actually, the main goal of the startup is to make the sharing process global and accessible to everyone, whether you are from the US or Australia. This will be achieved through the unification of the internal economic system.     

The blockchain based platform itself grants transparency and the safety of all its transactions. It’s especially important in the in-game items trading, since, due to the complete absence of regulations, fraud is very common.

Naga has a very lofty agenda. It aims to to negotiate with as many game publishers as possible, to work with user experience, peer2peer features and provide further development of its own financial ecosystem, which is supported by real value, not just by promises, as it usually happens.

To learn more join Naga’s website and Telegram channel.