NAGA starts pre-registration for NAGA Debit Card

25 February 2018

NAGA has officially started the pre-registration for its fully-functioning, crypto-friendly NAGA Debit Card. There are 10,000 pre-registration slots available for the chip-based MasterCard. Further information on how to secure your personal pre-registration slot can be found on the NAGA Coin website.


The NAGA Debit Card will fill a huge hole in the current crypto sphere. By becoming the first fully-functioning debit card to allow funding by cryptocurrencies, the NAGA Debit Card will blur the lines between the words of crypto and fiat. This push to bring cryptocurrencies into everyday transactions sets the NAGA Debit Card apart from the many people who claimed to bringing this development to the market, but who have all failed so far. NAGA will deliver, and at six months ahead of schedule.

The NAGA Ecosystem

The NAGA Debit Card will become the focal point of the whole NAGA Universe. Whilst entirely functional as a stand-alone top-up debit card, the NAGA Debit Card will also be directly connected to the ever-growing number of platforms in the NAGA Ecosystem. Social traders on NAGA TRADER (formerly SwipeStox) will be able to make profits on the stock exchange and send their winnings over to their debit card for when they head out to celebrate. While users of the soon-to-be-released gaming platform, Switex, will be able to sell their in-game items and then convert that capital into real world cash that can be spent both online and offline, all over the world.

The NAGA Coin

The fact that the NAGA Debit Card can be funded by all of the major cryptocurrencies is a game-changer, but one of the most exciting features of the NAGA Debit Card will be the incorporation of NAGA’s utility token, the NAGA Coin (NGC). As 2018 progresses, NGC will become the main unit of account on all NAGA platforms. Users of the NAGA Coin on NAGA TRADER and Switex will get reduced commissions and other benefits on both platforms and the transferring of NGC across the NAGA platforms to the NAGA Debit Card will be seamless.

Ahead of the Game

The NAGA Debit Card will be ahead of the game and continues the disruptive tone set by other NAGA products and services. After completing one of 2017’s most successful Token Sales, 2018 promises to be yet another year of growth, innovation, and progress for NAGA. Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first lucky 10,000 people to secure your NAGA Debit Card pre-registration slot.