Music Streaming Platform VOISE Announces Partnership With Bitcoin PR Buzz

Voise has recently announced entering into an agreement with Bitcoin PR Buzz, a cryptocurrency-focused PR marketing agency, the first of its kind. This is the second partnership of the PR agency with an altcoin, the first being ARK. Like Voise, ARK has a productive year in front of them, and this strategic enterprise will ensure that their successes are made known the widest audience possible. Ivan Rossetti – CEO and Founder of Voise commented on the partnership:

“We are proud to partner with Bitcoin PR Buzz. Their know-how and professionalism will showcase our 100%-fair distribution model and blockchain music platform to a pivotal global audience.”

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Voise to Revitalize Stagnating Music Industry

Voise looks to help the situation that the music industry is in due to technology advances: falling revenue. While the music industry is still large, it is nowhere near the size it used to be, thanks to the rise in popularity of streaming music, vs owning it. Voise looks to change this with its revolutionary music streaming platform, decentralized in nature since it is a ERC20 token, compliant with Ethereum protocols.

Voise To Implement First Use of Masternodes

The platform will use the world’s first Masternodes on the ETH blockchain, allowing musicians to finally take the lion’s share of revenue, which they rightfully deserve. Typically labels as well as the platforms themselves would take their cuts before leaving the creator with the scraps, but Voise looks to reverse this trend by cutting middlemen out of the equation entirely.

The nature of the music streaming platform allows for the first time ever for musicians to receive 100% of the proceeds made, minus a small transaction fee paid to the Ethereum network. The platform even allows musicians to set their own prices and provide sample audio clips for users. They even have the option to make the music free in return for donations, allowing for ultimate flexibility when it comes to pricing.

Voise tokens would be used to pay musicians for their music, or could be donated by fans as a way to show appreciation for their efforts. As use of the ecosystem increases, the tokens would increase in value as well, benefiting users of the token.

Future for Voise

Voise’s roadmap is fully transparent, and can be seen with this Trello link that they have posted on their website. Voise looks to do everything from create a mobile client of the platform to implementing fiat, all within the year of 2018. VOISE is already up 40% within the last 24 hours, and still has a lot of potential to grow if things continue the way they have been. The Bitcoin PR Buzz team had this to say:

Here at Bitcoin PR Buzz we are excited to start this official partnership with Voise. Having observed Voise and analysing their roadmap, we believe that Voise offers a blockchain based solution to the music industry like no other. It is because of this, we consider Voise a top tier blockchain project and are proud to offer our continued support in the coming year.”

About Bitcoin PR Buzz

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