Monopoly Darknet Market Bans Vendors Peddling a Coronavirus Cure

The coronavirus crisis has created shockwave after shockwave across different industries. Even darknet market operators are cracking down on anyone selling necessary supplies or potential cures for COVID-19.

Monopoly is one of the many darknet markets still in operation today.

There is no Confirmed Coronavirus Cure yet

While it allows for the sale of virtually anything one can think of, potential cures for the coronavirus are not among them.

In fact, the operators will now permanently ban vendors shilling such non-existing products.

There is no proven coronavirus cure as of right now.

Several potential solutions are being researched, but nothing has been officially confirmed at this time.

Anyone claiming to sell something that can cure or immunize someone from the virus is best avoided until further notice.

It is good to see darknet markets take a harsh stance in this regard.

Some may think it odd to see places where selling drugs – potentially killing thousands of people – is fine, but something related to the coronavirus is not.

Those are two very different things, however.

During times like these, it is crucial to maintain some sort of dignity.

That applies as much to darknet markets as it does to physical and online stores. 

There is no reason to make the current COVID-19 situation any worse than it is already.