Crypto Projects Extend a Helping Hand During the Coronavirus Crisis

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are coming together to play their part during the coronavirus crisis. Waves is the latest project to get involved, as a charity campaign has been launched.

The coronavirus crisis has shown the world how donations are more than necessary these days.

Coronavirus Efforts by Crypto Projects

Raising money can be very challenging, for many different reasons.

Waves, an open-source blockchain platform, is launching its own crypto charity initiative campaign.

The campaign itself takes place on the Waves Exchange platform.

An initial donation of $10,000 in USDT has been contributed already.

Today, the total sits at over $100,000 thanks to various contributors. 

Support from several cryptocurrency firms has been crucial in this particular regard.

Several companies are trying to make some financial contribution through various efforts.

GITCOIN and The Giving Block have already contributed time and effort to the coronavirus crisis in different ways.

Other noteworthy efforts include those by NEXO and Binance, among others.

During times like these, the cryptocurrency industry tends to come together in a meaningful manner.

It will be interesting to see if this can bring some positive attention to this particular industry.

The first quarter of 2020 hasn’t been too kind to Bitcoin and altcoins, primarily in the price department.

Turning that ship around will require efforts, including charitable events during the coronavirus crisis.