Microsoft Separates VC Arm From Startup Accelerator

Microsoft is actively pursuing a role in the world of venture capitalism, as the company recently confirmed the launch of the Microsoft Venture VC arm. Their previous Microsoft Ventures project will be rebranded to Microsoft Accelerator.

Microsoft Sees The Value of VC Ventures

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It looks like Microsoft is planning to innovate in a significant way these days, as they want to put more focus on the startups the acquired and support. Microsoft Ventures will focus on Series A funding and beyond, with a priority for companies in North America and Israel. In fact, the technology giant indicated they would reveal their first investments in the next few weeks.

It is not the first time the name Microsoft Ventures makes headlines in the world of startups, though. The technology giant had set up an initiative with the same name in previous years, yet they will rename that division to Microsoft Accelerator. A bigger focus on startups is always positive, though, as there is lots of technology and innovation waiting to be explored.

What makes the Microsoft Ventures VC arm so appealing is how will not use a particular fund size, and there no specific quota of investments to be made either. Microsoft is keeping close tabs on companies which may bring innovation to the table, or at last play a role of importance in the larger ecosystem at some stage.

Splitting up venture capital efforts into a dedicated VC arm and an accelerator is a smart move by the company. Enabling startups is an important opportunity for entrepreneurs of all kinds, and some of the lucky ones may even continue to grow under the Microsoft umbrella. With seven accelerators in the world, the technology giant has quite a wide reach when it comes to scouting talent.

As far as focusing on particular industries is concerned, it is no secret Microsoft wants to explore the opportunities in the cloud-based industry further. Moreover, the companies developing products and services on the Azure platform will see great interest as well. This is a positive sign for Bitcoin and blockchain companies for sure.

Source: TechCrunch

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