No More Malicious Financial Ads On Google Come July

Exciting changes are abound for Google users all over the world, as the company is finally cracking down on misleading financial advertisements. Come July 2016; the search engine will vet commercial ads to protect users from deceptive products and services.

Google Cracks Down On Financial Ads

TheMerkle_Google Malicious Financial Ads

We have all been there when looking up something finance-related on Google: these horrible ads promising the stars and the moon. Tempting credit card deals, loans with little to no interest, and so on, all of them have passed our screen at some point. But that situation is coming to change come July, as Google will be enforcing a much stricter policy.

It is rather uncommon for the search engine giant to ban an entire category at once, especially one that is very lucrative. However, they have removed millions of misleading and harmful ads related to finance so far, and the company is not planning to stop there. In fact, a new policy will be enforced as of July, which weeds out misrepresentative financial ads for real.

Some financial services, such as payday loans, credit card offers, and similar types of offerings – will be going through a thorough vetting process in the future. Legitimate advertisers have nothing to worry about, as these new guidelines are designed to remove the misleading advertisers from the equation.

So far, several Google users have been affected by these advertisements in a negative way. Financial harm is not something anyone is looking forward to, and search engines carry the responsibility of ensuring those types of ads are not permitted on their platform. All in all, this is a very positive change that many users will be grateful for.

Whether or not this means malicious Bitcoin search results will disappear, remains a mystery for the time being. Several fake Bitcoin wallet providers are paid advertisements in the Google platform, and they need to be removed as well. However, the search engine giant has not unveiled any information regarding this matter.

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