Making Money With Bitcoin – Content Creation Paywalls

There are several ways for content creators to monetize their creations and get paid in Bitcoin while doing so. Tools like ProTip and ChangeTip are perfect for smaller amounts of money and donations, whereas Popchest seems to take a similar approach but by using worldwide micro paywalls for all types of media. In fact, it seems like the service is mostly targeting video content.

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Bitcoin Paywalls Are Viable For Content Creators

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To some people, the concept of micropayment paywalls opens up a lot of interesting opportunities. After all, this gives people an option to support their favorite content creators without having to subscribe to a site, or even disclose personal information. With a Bitcoin address, anyone in the world can send payments without filling in registration forms and entering credit card details.

But at the same time, putting up artificial Bitcoin micropayment paywalls might not be the perfect solution to tackle this problem. While it is certainly true, traditional advertising offers very little benefits these days – especially with the rise of ad blockers on mobile devices – forcing people to pay for content will have an adverse effect as well.

That being said, there is no denying Bitcoin users are more than happy to see for quality content these days. Whether that content comes in the form of video, audio, or written text, as long as the quality is there, people will pay for it at some point. But don’t expect to get rich overnight with your content either, as micropayments will take a while to add up to any significant amount.

This creates a very interesting scenario for content creators, however, as they can start accepting small payments from people all over the world, without worrying about currency conversion or fraud. Plus, with services such as Popchest allowing creators to set their prices as they desire, these platforms will give valuable insights as to which type of content performs better.

With Bitcoin being accessible across all types of devices, this seems to be the primary currency to creating content paywalls. No one likes to enter credit card details on a mobile device or tablet, and Bitcoin removes the need to do so. Mobile wallets and desktop wallet solutions are plentiful, and there should be no reason people don’t want to pay for content, as long as it is of a high quality.

Last but not least, not all of the content one creates should be put behind a paywall. People need to get acquainted with your work first before they will even considering paying for things. This is why it is pertinent for content creators to make sure a portion of their portfolio can be accessed free of charge – although a donation button could be useful – to wet people’s appetite for whatever else you might have in store.

Source: Popchest

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