Kraken iOS App Remains Notably Absent In The Itunes Store

Most people are well aware of how Apple is not too keen on the cryptocurrency ecosystem just yet. Several Bitcoin apps have been removed in recent months, including the iOS app for the Kraken exchange. Although this news has gone by largely unnoticed, the company has been working for weeks to get the app reinstated without success.

Apple Still Doesn’t Like Cryptocurrency Apps

Times have been very turbulent for any company launching an application on the iOS App Store, especially if that application has anything to do with cryptocurrency. It appears as if Apple has a preapproved list of coins that can be officially supported, which creates an awkward scenario for multiple service providers.

Kraken, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, saw their iOS app removed from the App Store several weeks ago. Although the company didn’t release an official statement regarding this matter, it looks as if their support for Ethereum Classic may be the problem. Other cryptocurrency service providers have had to make amendments to their mobile app for a similar reason.

Apple has yet to release an official statement on removing the application as well. For now, the Kraken app cannot be found in any iOS store, and there is no official timeline as to when it will be restored. The Kraken team has been working diligently on this issue for several weeks now, but so far there is no solution.

The bigger question is why Apple allows these applications in the App Store to begin with. Every new release has to be vetted internally first, and Kraken’s app went through without issues. Having the software pulled afterward raises a lot of questions, and the technology giant provides very few answers.

For the time being, any company or service provider that focuses only on Bitcoin and Ethereum should be good to go. Supporting any other currency than those two does not seem to fit Apple’s agenda, although some alternative currencies may be allowed. The company has no clear guidelines on what can and can’t be in the apps themselves, which creates a lot of confusion.

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