Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Experiences Significant Surge in Price

Is crypto big enough for two “Ethereums”? Recent developments suggest so. During the last day, both Ethereum Classic and Ethereum have been growing in value, which suggests that there may be a place for both projects in the cryptocurrency scene.

Ethereum Classic has grown over 24% today, while Ethereum has come down to the 0.02096 mark after growing over 11% during the last day and both with above average volume, with Ethereum having over 38k btc worth of trades in the last 24 hours .

As we put the DAO hack behind us, both cryptocurrencies are moving forward in different directions and the controversy seems to have faded away.

Ethereum Classic has recently released a new website, which details the complete story behind the hard-fork split, and provides resources for newcomers (miners, users, and developers). The ETC team has also announced, via this brand new website, in which they revealed that CHBTC, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China, has announced a series of donations to the ETC project, which will be applied to accelerate the introduction of solutions to Ice Age situation, that will require a hard-fork to be implemented either to move to PoS or to remove this feature (or to set back the clock on the difficulty bomb).

Ethereum itself has been chosen to be among the 6 accepted cryptocurrencies in the Apple AppStore, along with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Doge and The DAO.

This news comes after Jaxx received a request by Apple to remove Dash from its cryptocurrency wallet. Why The DAO has been chosen to be part of this list is a complete mystery, since it holds no practical functions and has been the biggest hack in the history of the blockchain. The information was disclosed by Anthony Di Lorio, founder of Decentral (the makers of Jaxx wallet):

Vitalik Buterin reacted: