Another Malicious Breadwallet Clone Appears In The Apple App Store

More and more fake Bitcoin wallets continue to pop up in the Apple App Store. Things have gotten so out of hand; it appears there is a new one every single day now. The latest malicious app is called Breadwallet – Bitcoin Wallet by Bitcoin Wallet, and should be avoided at all costs. Apple needs to wake up and do something about these apps sooner rather than later.

Another Fake Bitcoin Wallet Appears

Similar to how rapidly Bitcoin ransomware threats are evolving these days, the number of malicious Bitcoin wallets is exploding as well. All of these applications appear in the Apple App Store, while the technology giant does not seem willing to address the issue properly. Whoever is submitting these apps should have their developer ID suspended or revoked permanently.

The latest version to appear in the Apple App Store is a blatant fake Breadwallet client. The app even calls itself Breadwallet by Bitcoin Wallet, even though this project has nothing to do with the original Bitcoin wallet for iOS. Users need to sear clear from this offering and report it to Apple to have it removed as soon as possible.

It is incredibly ridiculous how many fake Bitcoin wallets can be found in the Apple App Store right now. While the technology giant has been removing several apps, the amount of malicious offerings continues to grow every day. For some reason, these developers have no issue submitting their apps and getting them approved.

To make matters worse, there is already a Breadwallet application in the Apple App Store right now. If the company even bothered to check for similar names, they would easily spot this latest submission is entirely fake. Then again, their security team can’t even be bothered to complete that simple task at this stage.

None of this is entirely surprising either, as Apple wants its users to use Apple Pay, rather than different payment methods. While Bitcoin may be no direct competition to the company just yet, their lackluster attitude towards cryptocurrency wallets is rather worrying. For now, it seems this trend will continue for quite some time.

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