John McAfee no Longer Believes Bitcoin can hit a $1 Million Target

When individuals like John McAfee speak in public, some people immediately give credence to what he is saying. Others tend to dismiss his claims very quickly, for rather obvious reasons.

A while ago, the entire world was looking at John McAfee for his Bitcoin price predictions.

John McAfee is Still Talking About Bitcoin

McAfee predicted, at that time, how Bitcoin would easily hit $1 million in the near future.

As odd as that claim sounded back then, it took the entire cryptocurrency community by storm.

However, it didn’t take long before the excitement quieted down again.

This was primarily influenced by McAfee openly “pumping” altcoins and new tokens as promoted Tweets.

Today, it seems as if the Bitcoin price prediction of $1 million will not come true by any means.

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Not just because Bitcoin’s price isn’t moving up as quickly, but primarily because McAfee refuted his own claim.

In fact, he now claims how the Bitcoin price prediction is “pure nonsense” and should have never been taken seriously.

Ever since McAfee refuted his own bogus claims, the Bitcoin value surpassed $10,000 again.

As such, it remains crucial to keep a close eye on the individual markets at all times and conduct one’s own research.

Influencers and celebrities are not known for offering solid financial advice. 

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