The “Dickening” of John McAfee is Less Than 1 year Away

As the new decade trucks along, plenty of crypto-related questions arise. It appears that a fair few people wonder if and when John McAfee will honor his initial promise.

Most bitcoin enthusiasts will remember the wild price prediction John McAfee shared with the world.

Will John McAfee be Correct? 

More specifically, he claimed how bitcoin will hit $500,000 by late 2020.

That prediction was ultimately adjusted to a value of $1 million per BTC by the end of 2020.

There are still over 364 days left to make this bitcoin price prediction come true.

If the prediction does not come true, however, John McAfee would eat his penis on national television.

A lot of enthusiasts are already warming up to this idea. 

Given how bitcoin has performed in 2019, such a price point seems impossible to reach.

Based on the current price, the value per BTC needs to increase by $992,857.635. 

While not impossible – in theory – it seems very unlikely the six-digit range will be reached in 2020.

Even in 2019, John McAfee further affirmed his bitcoin price prediction.

In a Tweet, he mentioned how the rise of bitcoin cannot be stopped.

Moreover, he also hinted at some obscure altcoins that could perhaps rise in value.

For the time being, it seems unlikely that anything major will happen to bitcoin.

A price increase is possible, but exponential growth will not happen anytime soon.