Jeff Garzik: “Blockstream Will Help Bitcoin Grow into The Future”

The world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency never has a dull moment. Now that Blockstream has officially appointed Adam Back as their CEO, a few interesting things are bound to happen soon. But Jeff Garzik, who runs his own company called Bloq, hinted at a potential partnership between both groups.

Jeff Garzik Remains Keen on Blockstream

The name Blockstream has been a topic of substantial controversy among Bitcoin enthusiasts over the past few years. Even though this group of developers and engineers is looking to improve the Bitcoin ecosystem, there are lots of people in the community who feel they are trying to bring Bitcoin down eventually.

While there may have been some dubious discussions involving Blockstream in the past, they continue to receive a lot of support as well. Jeff Garzik, one of the most prominent people in the Bitcoin world, has high hopes for what the team is trying to achieve. In fact, he feels Blockstream will “help Bitcoin grow into the future”.

This is a strong sentiment, and one that will hopefully come true. While Bitcoin is not designed to be steered in one particular direction by a group of coders, somebody has to propose improvements and changes to the code as they see fit. It is still up to the community to accept or reject these changes when they are implemented in a new Bitcoin Core client.

What is rather interesting is how Jeff Garzik openly hinted at “working together with Adam Back”, the newly appointed CEO of Blockstream. This does not necessarily mean that Garzik will jump ship to the company, as they are both working towards the same goal. Making Bitcoin better and more robust is the top priority for both men.

It is possible we may see some collaboration between Bloq, the company run by Jeff Garzik, and Blockstream. Whether or not this will be a formal effort or just a continuation of what has been going on behind the scenes for years now, remains unknown. But it is good to see both men look towards the future where Bitcoin is concerned, as things need to be taken to the next level sooner rather than later.

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