Jaxx Integrates Shapeshift For Easier Bitcoin and Ethereum Conversion

The Jaxx team has posted another major update, as they stick to their deadlines exactly as advertised. One of the things they have been working hard on is integrating the Shapeshift platform into the wallet solution, allowing users to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin. That feature has now been added, and users can execute this type of trade when having their Bitcoin wallet open within the Jaxx app or extension.

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Shapeshift Integration is Big News For Jaxx

TheMerkle_Jaxx Shapeshift

Conversion between different digital currencies can be quite an annoyance these days, and exchanges are not making it easier most of the time, as they act as a custodian of users’ funds. Shapeshift is one of the very exceptions in this regard, as they execute trades instantaneously without holding on to the funds.

By integrating the Shapeshift offering into the Jaxx wallet for Ethereum and Bitcoin, things are getting kind of interesting for enthusiasts looking to get their hands on more Ether. Interested parties can exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum from within the wallet itself, .allowing them to remain within the Jaxx ecosystem at all times.

Although there are plenty of options for users to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin right now, doing so from within a browser, mobile, or desktop wallet is a significant notch in the belt for Jaxx. This makes the entire concept of switching between two of the most digital currencies even more convenient than it has ever been before.

Starting the conversion process requires users to have the Bitcoin portion of their wallet open, from which they can send funds by tapping the Shapeshift icon in the “send” window. An alternative options would be to type in “shapeshift” into the recipient address field. Once the transaction is confirmed, the equivalent Ether amount will show up on the Ethereum side of the Jaxx wallet instantly.

It is positive to see the Jaxx team stick to their deadlines and promises so far, as the digital currency ecosystem needs some more legitimacy in this regard. There are a ton of different Bitcoin wallet providers who either abandon the project, or have their service linked to one particular exchange platform. This hybrid Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet solution is something entirely different and allows users to switch between currencies on the fly.

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